Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Never Forget

Germany is building a monument in Berlin which will be dedicated to the gays and lesbians who were persecuted and killed by the Nazis:

“With the installation of a memorial in the middle of our capital, the resolution by the German government to commemorate the homosexual victims of the Nazi regime is realized,” said Neumann [Germany's culture secretary] in a statement.

Tonight was also the night of the Holocaust Commemoration Service at the New England Holocaust Memorial near Faneuil Hall. It's incredible that all these people died because they were different and some people still believe it never happened.

I highly recommend the documentary "Paragraph 175" which discusses this topic and the aftermath of Nazi Germany on the gay population.


Anonymous said...

Amy Contrada is now trying to argue that not only were homosexuals NOT the target of the Nazis, but the homosexuals are the ones who encouraged Hitler to Nazism! I guess Brian Camenker has done his research to link homosexuals to all the ills of human kind.

Also, she claims that the Holocaust Memorial where the service took place is near a lot of great bars. Huh? The closest 'homosexual' bar to the Memorial is The Alley and that's not even that close!

I didn't get a chance to submit my entry to the contest, but it sure would be great to ask Amy Contrada and Brian Camenker: 1. Is annihilation/deportation/eradication of the homosexuals their aim and 2. after they've rid the world of the nasty homosexuals, will they return to their 'normal' lives or who will be their next target?

bostonph said...

Amy Contrada has been quoting the "Pink Swastika" again. The book is almost entirely fiction.

Here's a page by page debunking:

Of course, much of the book is self-debunking:

The Pink Swastika documents a hidden aspect of German history. The
authors contend that homosexualism, elevated to a popular ideology and
combined with black occult forces, not only gave birth to Nazi imperialism
but also led to the Holocaust itself.

That one of the authors is a member of the OCA (Oregon version of MassResistance) and has written a book called "Seven Steps to Recruit-Proof Your Child: A Parent's Guide to Protecting Children from Homosexuality and the "Gay" Movement" should tell you the rest of the story.

John said...

Anybody else notice the absurdity of claiming (as they do) the LGBTI people represent only 1% of the population, and then claim (as they do) that this tiny minority somehow managed to infiltrate and seize control of the most murderous regime of the 20th century, and LOST!. And then from their position of defeat (we all know that history is written by the losers, right?) managed to so effectively re-write the history of the period, that no serious scholar has been able to uncover it.?