Monday, June 25, 2007

Obsessed and Incensed with Gay Men

Brian and Amy are incensed! They finally updated their "daily" website after a week of nothing. And, what they ended up posting was a threat to the people who read their drivel:

These turncoat, sleazy elected officials are willing to give homosexual activists - not parents - the right to decide what children are taught. If you allow this, then YOU deserve whatever happens.

CALL them. VISIT them. EVERY ONE of these cowardly legislators needs to hear and feel your wrath until they get their names back on that bill, no matter how long it takes.

Yeah Brian, threatening your readers always works. The group who videotapes teenagers and secretly tape records children actually has the nerve to say:
Although the group is made up of adult homosexual males, they have shown an inordinate interest in children.

I guess Massresistance just wants to neglect the fact that Know Thy Neighbor has two directors, one who's gay and one who's straight, but then again, honesty was never Massresistance's strong suit.

Likewise, over at the Massresistance Blog, Ms. Massresistance is obsessing over more gay men, but this time they are gay, namely Marc Solomon of MassEquality and Patrick Guerriero of the Gill Foundation (and here and here too).

I think they're jealous of the financial support that groups who are against discrimination are getting. Bigotry isn't the money maker it once was. How many weeks has their radio show been off the air?


Anonymous said...

I find it funny that one of the State Rep's who had his name removed from Brian's bill is Jeff Perry from Sandwich. He was a freqent guest on Brian's infomercial and Brian would fawn all over him calling him a true champion of family values.

Mass Marrier said...

It is to laugh a marginalizing laugh. I particularly liked the MR site lead that Twelve "pro-family" co-sponsors of Parents Rights Bill cave in to fringe homosexual group.

Anything they like to pretend came from their own lobbying is powerful and heroic. Others? Well, they're "fringe" folk who apply a "10-day pressure campaign."

Do you suppose they'll ever realize that it's the majority who favors civil rights, including GLBT rights? Nah, I guess not.

Marcie said...

Brian and Amy are ones who are obsessed with children. Who is hanging around high schools and elementary schools with video and digital cameras in hand?

Isn't Amy the one talking about children listening to their parent's noises behind the doors?

All this equality is really putting a damper in their hate tactics.

Rieux said...

Given this news, it sure appears to me that it's MassResistance itself that is most hurting anti-gay efforts. No one wants to be associated with Camenker and Contrada--not legislators, not talk radio stations, not other anti-gay groups, nobody. It sure looks like the mere fact that Massresistance supports a given statute or policy is, in itself, a good enough reason for public figures to abandon it. ("You think I co-sponsored that? Goodness, no....")

In this light, I think we should do whatever we can to encourage ol' Amy and Brian to be as active and outspoken as possible.

So I say: Keep on hatin', "AMann"! You're one of the most effective advocates for gay rights as there is in Massachusetts....