Saturday, January 12, 2008

3 Months and Still Nothing

Yes lucky listeners, it's been over three months since MassResistance was last heard on the airways. They still keep teasing us their lies though:

MassResistance radio is moving to a new, more powerful station! Get ready to tune in Saturday mornings 9:00 am to 10:00 am. starting again next week (at
least that's the plan).

More info to come. In the meantime, enjoy our previous shows! (Each week's show is posted here Saturday evening - to listen anytime.)

Oh, maybe they just ran out of money and they just need that $150,000 to get them on the air?


massmarrier said...

Do we see a pattern here or am I a slave of my own agenda? They promised us more about the anti-gay forum, more about the Acton play, more about this or that Mad Dad trial and blah blah. What we can be sure of is that they don't deliver. They can't get judges tossed or laws passed or anything. Now they can't even pay another anything-for-a-buck radio station to take their money.


theAguy said...

The fact that Brian can't get his "show" back on the air is a perfect example of what a pathetic group MR is.

There are at least 5 radio stations in Boston that are all brokered programming meaning all they do is sell blocks of time to independent people who produce shows. They range from religious nuts who beg for money, to get rich schemes to foreign language shows and people who just like to play radio. Provided you can pay the money, these staions are more than happy to sell you time especially on the weekend.

What I think has happened is Brian has approached staions like the one on the North Shore and after listening to the shows he did on WTTT the owners say that he is so far out there,that they don't want to be associated with his vile program. .

Or word has gotten around the small radio community that Brian and Ami had a little trouble paying thier bill at WTTT