Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Second Half of 2007

OK, here's the latter half of the year. It contains one of the truly saddest incidents of the year:
  • June 30th marked the 6th week that they didn't have their paid radio show on the air anywhere.

  • MassResistance praised a woman who allegedly resorted to violence during the Constitutional Convention in June. They had no problem with her physically assaulting a man at the State house.

  • In July, Ms. MassResistance regurgitated the false story from Fox News about lesbian gangs terrorizing neighborhoods even though there were no facts to back up the story. She also never included a retraction when Fox News aired that their story was wrong.

  • MassResistance touted the foolish law student who was suing the Commonwealth over a question about a same sex couple on the bar exam. The flunky student ended up withdrawing his lawsuit.

  • Twenty-two "prominent conservatives" write a cranky letter about Romney and nobody cared.

  • July 14th, 8 Weeks without MassResistance Radio.

  • Anti-gay activists crash religious services in Ohio and MassResistance posts nothing.

  • September 1st, after months off the air, MassResistance's paid show is back on the air on some obscure radio station in Cambridge Mass. The station airs the show with a disclaimer and no advertising sponsors.

  • On September 11th, I posted about Amy researching the Laramie Project in Wyoming. Little did we know at the time, the depths they would take to humiliate a young woman. They started with trying to censor the play.

  • The first week in October turned out to be a busy week for the anti-gay forces. It contained an anti-gay "forum" in Acton on the Laramie Project and an anti-gay "fund raising" gala in Boxborough, MA. We hear about the forum where Brian blames the "homosexual activists" for "Ex-Gay" Stephen Bennett's no show and hear nothing but silence about their fund raising gala. Not ever a peep at how much money their raised.

  • We find out that Amy Contrada, AKA Ms. MassResistance, has a daughter in the Laramie Project in Acton. MassResistance also posts personal information about the young woman on their website without regard to the woman's feelings.

  • Signs that the radio show out of Cambridge was starting to sink occurred when after only a few weeks they started to repeat shows.

  • J. Edward Pawlick, the darling of the anti-gay movement in Massachusetts passed away. Pawlick spent millions trying to keep LGBT from getting married. He will be noted for his loony attacks on the Boston Globe and Massachusetts Supreme Chief Justice Margaret Marshall. Like a bizarro Don Quixote who only sees gay everywhere and in everyone he sees. He spent a lot of money on planes carrying banners.

  • On October 20th MassResistance is no longer on the air. We don't know if they ran out of money or if the radio station refused to air their bigoted anymore. All we know is that MassResistance posts "We're taking a break until next week -- as MassResistance Radio moves to a new, more powerful station.". They tease us with a come back but today's January 3rd and they haven't been back on the radio yet.

  • MassResistance steps up their opposition to the Laramie Project in Acton with letters and comments by Brian and Amy posted in the local Acton newspaper.

  • Red Sox win the World Series and it's all because of same sex marriages in Massachusetts!

  • November 2008, Ms. MassResistance posts more of that "truth" she seems to think is true.

  • The Laramie Project opens in Acton and Brian and Amy attack the citizens of the area who wrote in to oppose MassResistance's negative viewpoints on the play and people in general.

  • It what turns out to be one of the sadder moments of the year, after the opening weekend, Amy yanks her daughter out of the school play and the school and then posts even more intimate things about her on the MassResistance websites.

  • In December I posted about how MassResistance is linked to the violent anti-gay groups on the west coast.

  • And finally, in my last post of the year, I pointed to a story at claims that Brian Camenker, President of MassResistance, Head of Article 8 Alliance, President of Parent's Rights Coalition, etc... (don't worry, it's all the same group made up of the same couple of people) was a former State Legislator, LOL. No proof of this fact or that in all the years that Brian has been going after the gay community this has never come up.

And as 2008 starts we find that Brian and Amy, who really are the only people that make up MassResistance, are over their collective heads in denial. They're still trying to raise money to pay for their anti-gay "volunteering". I'm sure this year will find them still denying that gay couple are getting legally married, even though lots do.

If a rabid anti-gay activist group falls in Massachusetts doesn't anyone hear it? Listen closely, you'll hear it here.


Herb said...

Good post. Poor MassResistance, gay marriage in Massachusetts, civil unions to the north and south. The longer gay marriage and civil unions exist the more the voters realize that groups like MassResistance are full of BS. Here in NH there was 1 person protesting the first day of civil unions and he had to drive 180 miles from Maine. Its time Camenker, Contrada, and Haskins crawled back under the rock where they came from

Susan Ryan-Vollmar said...

Actually, that "foolish law student" did more than withdraw his lawsuit. He's since apologized for having filed it in the first place and issued a public apology to the gay community. See the story at

radio2005 said...

I sent Brian a polite email asking him when his radio show was set to return.

Here is a verbatium account of the exchange.

fron me:

" I was wondering how the preperations were going for your new radio show? Can we expect to hear you on the air anytime soon? What is the hold up?"

This is what I got back from Brian:

Wow, you queers are really obsessed with us. We must really drive you crazy. Maybe we'll have a show every day.

Considering Brian can't find even a small suburban station to take his money for a weekly "show" how does he think he could do a daily show for us?

This is guy who spends most of his time on everything gay. While his gal pal spends her waking hours trolling the internet for anything gay. The best was when she posted something she came across on Craig's List for Cleveland.

She reads bay Windows and In News weekly and knows more about what happens in the Gay community than I do and I am the one with an obsession.