Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well, I'm Back!

No, I wasn't in Laramie, Wyoming researching the "The Laramie Project". Since it's winter, my husband and I decided to jet off to the Caribbean, or rather cruise to the hot climate with over 3500 other gay tourists. It was fantastic! This was our second cruise and we had a ball. We met people from all over the world and some even from Massachusetts. Maybe in a future post I'll talk more about it since Atlantis charters the whole ship and the clientele is very different from the "regular" cruise ship passengers (they actually told us that we're more polite and considerate!)

So! I've been gone for a week and see that not much seems to have happened over at MassResistance. They did increase their fundraising tally since the last time I checked from $13,005 to $31,959. I'm wondering what sob story they sent out to their lemmings this time?

I also noticed that they have a list of bills in the State House that they want passed (which I believe have virtually NO chance of even getting voted on!):
  • Remove undefined phrase “sexual orientation” from all Massachusette[sic] statutes (S928)
  • Repealing the exemption of schools from the law against “disseminating matter harmful to minors.” (S925)
  • Force the government to abide by the actual marriage statutes regarding same-sex “marriage”. (S926)
  • Stop selective harrassment[sic] of citizens taping public events. (S927)
That last one made me laugh out loud! Brian wants it removed so he can continue to record teenagers without their knowledge like he did when he got sued for violating student's privacy when he recorded them early in his anti-gay career (after he stopped going to gay bars with friends)

I'll have to take some time to read the rest of their dreck and see what the blog has been up to.


KeepRight said...

OMGosh! Get ready for the sh*t to hit the proverbial fan! The federal appeals court upheld judge Wolf's Feb 2007 decision! Amy and Brian are going to go WHACKO (well, *more* whacko than they already are). The big question is: Who are they going to blame for this "miscarriage of justice". OH MAN!

KeepRight said...

OH MAN! Am I bad boy. I just called Brian to tell him about the court's decision. This time, he did in fact answer "Mass Resistance" and I said "hi Brian, did you hear the news? The court returned their decision". He said he had heard. I said "too bad, huh". He agreed. I asked "when did it happen, weren't you and David there?" Brian: "No. We heard about it by telephone". Me: "I thought you'd have it on the website by now?" Brian: "yeah, well *sigh* *deep breath* I'm...I'm...I'm gonna put it on there in a few minutes". Me: "oh well, easy come, easy go, eh?" Brian: "uh...yeah" Me: "well, take it easy!" Brian: " too, see you soon, and it will be on the website shortly"