Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Law Student Who Flunked the Mass Bar & Sued Apologizes

Since I posted on the original story I will post the update which was exclusive to Bay Windows this past weekend. Quick synopsis: the law student who flunked the Massachusetts Bar Exam and sued the State because of a question including a same sex couple has apologized and is embarrassed for what he did:

But in his letter, [Stephen] Dunne said his suit was "misguided" and that he was "lashing out as a result of failing the bar exam." "I am deeply sorry for the hurt that I have caused the gay community," Dunne wrote. As far as we can tell after interviewing Dunne on Dec. 24, he’s not headed off to jail, rehab or Oprah - in fact, he said he’s studying to take the bar exam again - so we give him props for his public mea culpa. The one thing he declined to do was name the law school he attended, stating he didn’t want to draw attention to his Alma mater (although he did say it’s in Boston). We have a feeling that’s probably okay with the school.

Laura Kritsy also has an interview with Stephen Dunne here. I guess MassResistance has no comment.

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