Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Watching & Waiting

Things are still looking bleak for the dynamic duo over at MassResistance. Their main website, MassResistance!, hasn't been updated in weeks. It also appears they don't have anymore donations since they haven't updated their phallic donation counter in awhile either.

And then there was this observation from KeepRight, a reader of MassResistance Watch:

Out of curiosity as to what they are raising money for, I gave MassResistance a phone call yesterday afternoon. Brian answered the phone and did not even say "MassResistance". He simply said "hello?". I told him I was calling to ask about what they are raising money for because I was interested in making a donation. He sounded EXTREMELY tired, taking deep breaths and sighing while talking to me.

He said "the same stuff", without being specific. I said "you sound very tired, are you OK?" and he responded that it had been a very long and tough day for him. Poor Brian...I almost felt bad for him, it must take quite a toll on a person to devote himself to a lost cause so completely with all his being, and yet still not make any progress. :(

Well, it's tough when even the people supposedly on your side (Conservative Right) think you're a bunch of wackos!


KeepRight said...

Hey Bud

Sorry for the confusion, but I am NOT a right wing nut conservative. KeepRight is not a political statement, it's a road sign :)

The reason I called MR was because after reading your post, I was really curious why they were raising money. I had NO intention of making a donation, and actually enjoy hearing Brian and/or Amy answer the phone. In the past, I've called and chatted with a VERY paranoid Amy who must think everyone that calls them is one of the homosexual militants that are trying to besmirch their good name :)

Brian really sounded awful that day and clearly was not in a good frame of mind or he would have realized that I was not calling to make a donation, but trying to find out information. He sounded quite different than he used to on their radio informercial, really tired, really sad, practically despondent.

As I said in my first comment, it does appear that his lack of any progress is taking a toll on him. He's trying to stay current and relevant, but as you've said in the past, their train left the station long long ago; they will fade into oblivion; their 15 minutes of fame was over quite some time ago.


Jerry said...

Road signs describe Camenker and Contrada pretty well too, "One Way" and "Dead End".

Boston Bud said...

No problem Keep Right, I had meant all the conservatives out there that are blasting MassResistance for their stance against Romney. The MFI still doesn't align with MR either.

ryan charisma said...

Maybe Amy went away to have a "procedure"?

bostonph said...

all the conservatives out there that are blasting MassResistance

That's that the truly unfortunate thing. Although Citizens for Limited taxation is openly allied with MassResistance, the bulk of the Mass. GOPers use them as a convenient defense. MassResistance allows them to pretend to be moderates.

MFI is particularly fond of the "sure we oppose gay rights and gay marriage, but we're nothing like those homophobic freaks over at MassResistance" defense.

Ian said...

If you want an idea of how truly marginalized those bozos are, consider this: Even back in 2006, Ollie DeMacedo pretended not to know who they are.

That would be Vinny DeMacedo's brother, btw.


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John Hosty said...

As predicted, these throwbacks to our earlier social evolution will be abandoned in their hatred.

Is it wrong of me to experience some type of pleasure from watching them struggle so desperately against the truth? If it is I may have to learn to live in sin... ;)

massmarrier said...

It is to giggle, John. You may also notice that they have run their list of companies that support GLBT rights, as they run several times a year. The implication is that we should boycott these or do something. Of course, what it really shows is more proof that they have absolutely lost. The large corporations are on the good side and the MR types are increasingly out of touch and left behind. They live in a smaller and smaller circle.

KeepRight said...

Apparently they are widening their mission. As we all know, they originally were for parental rights, then they moved on to REMOVE THE JUDGES, then onto combating those EVIL MILITANT HOMOSEXUALS, decrying the "brutal fascist tactics against citizens", then on to get the truth out about Mitt Romney (they never DID post the update with new info on him), now Ms Massresistance C*ntrada is blathering on about the Vagina Monologues. Will they ever just lay down and shut up? Brian is obviously nearing the end of his rope, Amy is grasping at any "conservative" issue she can get her hands on, John Haskins still thinke he's got a JD, what will it take for them to realize that the clue phone is ringing and it's for them!?