Monday, January 7, 2008

Paying Brian to Pay Brian

MassResistance is in fundraising mode once again although they are a bit behind date wise since the past two years fundraising was started in early December. They set a higher goal this year too (the past two years they were only trying to raise $50,000 and $30,000. but they had an "anonymous" matching donor(s) (or so they claimed). Did that cash dry up?

Well, now they're trying to raise $150,000. And to what end? They have no allies in the Massachusetts State House nor do they have legislation that has the slightest chance of being voted on so what are they going to do with $150,000?

As I started researching this post, I noticed on the Massachusetts Secretary of State's website that Brian Camenker is not only the President of all the groups he's created, but he's also the treasurer AND as of Jan 1, 2008 he is also the clerk/secretary of the Parents' Rights Coalition and the Parents' Education Foundation (he replaced Amy who stepped down on Dec. 31st.)

The only other people listed as being officers of the organizations is Philip Lawler for the Parents' Education Foundation and a Sally J. Naumann who is listed as a director for both organizations. If that last name sounds familiar it's probably because Ms. Naumann testified at the State House last year saying that the Holocaust was a big gay conspiracy.

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bostonph said...

Mr. Lawler is a "Catholic journalist" and editor of the Catholic World Report. Some of Ms. Contrada's most hateful rants are lifted from there.

Like me, you probably don't remember him from his run against Ted Kennedy in 2000 (Constitution Party, natch.). Fortunately, the MassNews archives are still there to remind us of his agenda.

Here's a snippet:

MassNews: What issues have prompted you to run for office?

Lawler: I suppose the key issue has always been abortion. But, abortion in the context of the broader issue of general contempt for the Constitution that I see in our government, particularly on the liberal end of things.