Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shocking! and With Photos! SOON! VERY SOON

OK, Tuesday after the public hearing on several bills in the Mass legislature I went to MassResistance's website to read their take on the hearing. I was teased with "later on tonight we'll have a full report with PHOTOS!"

Then yesterday I read "We'll have a full report with Photos today", later yesterday they posted "Full report tomorrow morning" and now today we read:

To be posted very soon (with photos). It was an unbelievable spectacle. A sham of a "public hearing" - clear collusion between the committee chairmen and homosexual lobby featuring parade of long-winded transgender activists, while pro-family people had to wait over 9 hours to testify!

Come on Brian, there really can't be that many gay activities going around since Tuesday that you can't even get a summary of the events at the hearing (it's always more fun to read these things through a demented mind). Unless Amy, the researcher, is putting it together and she's exhausted after she finished her !!! 130 page!! report on transgender rights.

Oh, and for the books Amy, instead of just copying Porno Pete's story on Angels in America, you really should do your own research, especially you who "claims" to be so cultured. Angels in America, which came out in the 90's, was televised by HBO a few years ago. Oh, yeah, it won a few awards too:

Millennium Approaches

1990 Fund for New American Plays/Kennedy Centre Award
1991 Bay Area Drama Critics Award for Best Play
1991 National Arts Club's Joseph Kesselring Award
1992 London Evening Standard Award for Best New Play
1992 London Drama Critics Circle Award for Best New Play
1993 Drama Desk award for Best Play
1993 New York Drama Critics' Circle award for Best Play
1993 Pulitzer Prize for Drama
1993 Tony award for Best Play

1992 Fund for New American Plays/Kennedy Centre Award
1992 Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for Best New Play
1994 Tony Award for Best Play
1994 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Play

The play merited inclusion as the very last item in Harold Bloom's controversial list of what he considered to be the most important works of literature, The Western Canon (1994).

Angels in America" was the most watched made-for-cable movie in 2003 and won both the Golden Globe and Emmy for Best Miniseries.

Then again, you probably would have mocked Michelangelo's David as obscene. I'm sure you both are happy now that the only people who read your hate are the people you are writing about. They rest of the world just thinks you're nuts. Well, we think you're nuts too but we're enjoying your meltdown.

Note: They still have only collected $38,102 and it's already March, they started in December.


massmarrier said...

I have been enjoying their spin on the actual hearing. That there are only a few of their ilk to knock the bills, and that virtually no one hangs around to hear their ranting, to them shows a conspiracy. To them, it's not that the legislators, experts and public are on the other side. Somehow, if only their motley crew spoke first it would all be different.

It's reminiscent of their screeds against Pride sponsors. They run a long list of mainstream, major corporations supporting gay rights. MR's conclusion is oddly enough not that they are totally out of touch with America, rather that these corporations are.

There seem to be fewer and fewer in the babbling room.

BlackTsunami said...

They have the photos out now and I am disappointed. LOL

They make claims about showing all sorts of evil things, including men with beards and dresses. But of course nothing like that appears.