Friday, May 16, 2008

As Massachusetts Goes, So Goes the Nation

Yes, now that California's court has ruled that all people are equal under the law, Mass Institute Against Gays is coming out of hiding (will they ever align with the nationally recognized hate group MassResistance?) But Governor Patrick said it best:

"Our experience in Massachusetts has taught us that whenever we affirm the right of people to come before their government as equals, we all win," Patrick said. "I congratulate the California court for upholding that principle."

Massachusetts is indeed a prime example of what happens when you give people equality. All the dire predictions people like Kris Mineau and Ron Crews (remember him?) made about the Commonwealth after Marriage Equality never happened.

Ironically, tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of Marriage Equality and all that has happened is more people are protected under the eyes of the law. We can be very proud.

This new ruling (by a majority of Republican appointed judges I might add) will mean the spotlight will be on Massachusetts once again and we can raise our head high and take heart in knowing that we lead the way.

BTW, while none of the presidential canidates support marriage equality, none of the candiates (Republican or Demoncratic) support the federal marriage amendment either!

Congrats California!


Ryan Charisma said...

Oh, Amy's panties must all be in a twist now. At least her lesbian daughter can now marry in Cali.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Speaking of which, has anyone heard from her? My watch says she is 18 now, but I'm sure Amy's control freak within is doing it's best to keep her daughter away from the press.

bostonph said...

The LaTimes has a great article on the gay marriage in Mass. They even note both World Series wins came after the gay marriage ruling. :)

Of course, they quote Kris Mineau for contrast. His comments are among the most pathetic I've seen:,0,2449100.story

But Kris Mineau, president of the nonprofit Massachusetts Family Institute, said Friday that the California court decision represented another assault on a treasured institution. "What has happened here in Massachusetts is that marriage has been denigrated. It has been cheapened," Mineau said. "The California ruling has just exacerbated the notion that marriage is no longer held in high esteem."

Do read the whole article. It's wonderful.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Mineau and his cohorts live in a fantasy world where all GLBT people are evil sex fiends Hell bent on the destruction of what they hold valuable. In that world heterosexuals are not held to account for what they do with marriage.

It never has occurred to Mineau that we can live as good neighbors and be different, which I find curious living in such a diverse society. His actions prove that discrimination is still alive even in the 21st century.

Ambivorous said...

I for one can testify that, as a lifelong resident of Massachusetts, since the Goodridge decision we have seen nothing but the continuation of war, higher gas prices, a shakey economy, and, now, the hospitalization of Ted Kennedy.

Meanwhile, the California Supreme Court has just struck down the State's marriage ban. This will lead to horrible traffic, smog, earthquakes, wildfires, and gay people moving in droves to San Francisco, mark my words.

And yet you say that gay marriage is not a threat!

Where is Ron Crews when you need him?