Monday, May 19, 2008

MassResistance Still Taking Video of Youth Against their Will

MassResistance is presenting another dizzy video of Youth Pride last week. Since Brian and Amy have been outed as haters they can no longer show their anti-gay mugs around gay pride events without incident so they have another set of anti-gay videographers to stalk gay youth and photograph them.

If you have the stomach, I'd recommend you watch the video just so you can see how lame the video is. Of course, MassResistance is credited at the beginning of the video but they are apparently upset that they were pointed out at the rally.

I would also like to note how the people who were videotaping the rally lie to the youth. First they tell them they're recording a public event, they they say they're press, then they say their independent media and then they say that they're tourists. Yeah, that's the ticket! Although it's quite typical of them to lie about who they are.

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