Friday, May 30, 2008

Who is Linda Harvey?

Because she's made as hell and isn't going to take it anymore! Linda is an anti-gay activist. She was supposed to appear at MassResistance's "forum" last year when Acton-Boxborough High school was putting on the "Laramie Project". Linda also signed MassResistance's letter last year criticizing Mitt Romney.

She, like Brian Camenker, founded and is the head of her own anti-gay organization "Mission America". What qualifies her to lead a ministry against homosexuality? Well, she's got a BA in English and experience in journalism, marketing and public relations that's what!

Well, it seems Mrs. Harvey is upset that Box Turtle Bulletin posted her picture on their website (I think she needs to chat with MassResistance and exchange notes about posting pictures):

I guess the whole thing started when Box Turtle Bulletin posted her rantings about the Day of Silence and exposed her:

She claims that “Child molestation is an everyday occurrence because of the increased access homosexuals have to our children” and advocates banning gay people from teaching (a position so radical that Ronald Reagan opposed it in 1978).

She claims that the vast majority of gay people are only employed sporadically due to their instability.

She believes that HIV is “almost exclusively a homosexual male and drug addict epidemic” and advocates that “gay social establishments should close until HIV rates are seriously reduced”.

She claims that for a Pastor to believe that gay persons can be Christian “is deliberate rebellion against God’s word and His created order of male/female genders and marriage.”

It's always nice when "Christians" feel the need to take on God's work and judge others. Thanks to Box Turtle Bulletin for keeping up with this and Pam's House Blend for catching my attention to it.

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John Hosty-Grinnell said...

They should have replaced her picture with that of a horse's ass, but then again what did the horse do to deserve such an unfair comparison!

If I live to be a hundred years old I doubt I will ever understand the necessity people have to demonize others like how she does to GLBT people.

How can we be mostly unemployed yet be this ultra-rich illuminati style power base? What a load of crap she spews.