Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Finally, Ms. MassResistance Has Once Again Spoken

We were all wondering whether she had been kidnapped and taken away. Alas, our hopes were dashed when after being silent for a month, MassResistance reared its ugly heads to write about an "incident" at Smith College:

Yes, the homofascists would like our latest expose of the lesbian riot at Smith College last week to just go away (see the revealing videos.) . . . because it's about something much bigger than they want to admit. See Americans for Truth's eloquent explanation:

Of course this is exactly what Brian and Amy have been waiting for (the 4th anniversary of the legal same sex marriages is coming up and MassResistance has nothing to hold as an example of the anarchy going on in the Commonwealth!). They had kept pushing their "Gay Hoax Story" at Framingham State but they couldn't get their grubby little hands on any controversial footage to use. In fact this is what they had to say about that "speech":

As often happens at these kinds of speeches, it appeared that nearly all of the homosexual activists had never heard these arguments before. They were clearly affected by them. You could see the confusion (and a little anger) in their eyes as their ideological world was being taken apart. Plus, they were so used to dealing with this issue in an emotional and illogical way that they are rhetorically crippled when forced to deal on a logical and factual basis.

As usual, Brian and Amy can read people's minds and know what they were thinking, except, I guess at Smith College. The also show their ignorance by quoting from the UMass Amherst Republican Club. Apparently they must think that genital cutting is a good thing and isn't an important matter for people to know about. Should we cut them some slack because they are mentally challenged? And I wonder that the UMASS Republican Club thinks about being cheered on by a noted Hate Group?


Lover, not a fighter.... said...

As a gay man, I have to express what will probably be a minority opinion....

I think that the "shouting down" or whatever it was at Smith College was deplorable.

We can't use the same tactics of intolerance and hate that the other side uses.

If we are going to preach tolerance....we have to show people the same respect.

Someone in an academic environment was expressing an opinion about wether gay people are "born that way" or not.

Frankly I don't care if I was born this way or makes no difference...and I don't care to hear people expound on it. It makes no difference.

But someone should be allowed to make their case in a respectful I assume they were doing at Smith.

bostonph said...

But someone should be allowed to make their case in a respectful I assume they were doing at Smith.

I have to disagree. This was not a polite academic discussion. If you read Ryan's blog or book or interviews or any of the promotional materials, his goal is to "recriminalize sodomy" and drive homosexuals from the public forum.

This speech is not about making people think about the origins and causes of homosexuality -- this is about demonizing and marginizaling homosexuals. His "sources" include the Pink Swastika and he actually repeatedly claims most homosexuality is directly linked to child abuse.

It's been taken down now, but MassResistance had been advertising the event with the banner "In Your Face Smith Liberals" combined with a prolonged attack on Smith as a bastion of pro-homosexual sentiment.

I'm a big fan of freedom of speech, but speech does have consequences. If you watch the videos of Ryan's earlier speeches, the reaction at Smith is quite easy to understand. And it has nothing to do with tolerance.

The unfortunate thing is it appears to have been the result Ryan and his cohorts at MassResistance were hoping for.

Lover, not a fighter.... said...

Well, it almost appears the protestors played right into their trap.

...and now they have the footage of "wacky lesbians"

The protest should've been again those that invited him.

massminuteman said...

Respectable-appearing mendacious obscenity, interrupted by raucous and picturesque semi-obscenity.

Somehow I can't muster a whole lot of outrage. Ideally both parties to the Smith College Massacre ought to have stayed separated and spoken their piece in full and to the best of their ability. But I'm not sure the general public missed out on much truth being spoken to power in the particular turn of events.

bostonph said...

...and now they have the footage of "wacky lesbians"

If they didn't get it from Smith, they would have gotten it at Pride. Manufactured outrage is MassResistance's trademark.

Quick quiz: what was David Parker arrested?