Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Voice of the Hate Groups?

Ryan Sorba, he appears to be the savior of the young Republicans everywhere, well, at least according to radical Right.

MassResistance has been talking up his "book" on the born gay theory and tailing him so closely that...(you can use your own methaphor).

By now, some of you have heard about the demonstration at Smith College when Sorba spoken about his "upcoming" book (uncoming doesn't have a timeframe on it does it?) For the record, Ryan Sorba, has been trolling the country looking for the type of fight he got at Smith College for awhile. Here's an email he sent to me in 2006:

Hey Bud,
From: Ryan Sorba



Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 11:18 pm

Ryan Sorba here, from the conservative revolution! Hey, I read what you wrote about me on the internet, well, guess what.......? It turns out that I am in Mass. right now, -your home state! You sound quite sure of your pro-homosexual stance, so, I
challenge you to a full scale, public, academic debate! I will be in the Boston area until around Nov. 10th, organizing new conservative student groups on Boston college campus's. I am certain that one of these new groups would love to host the debate. Any time, any place, just let me know! You can email me at with your response!

P.S. The conservative revolution is upon us!!!!!

Of course, I had never heard of this Sorba guy and did a search of my own blog to find out that someone had written in the comments section about him (shows how good his research really is huh!)

I did respond back:

Thanks but no thanks. I wouldn't debate anyone who can't even tell the difference between comments to a post and the post itself. I don't know or even care who you are. From a quick google search I might suggest you contact since it appears you and they have a lot in common, namely, a tendency to twist the truth. Good luck on your recruiting, hope you get the toaster.


Wow, to think I may have brought these two together! Call me Dolly Levi! Of course as you would expect, he responded in a very professional manner:

Your just too chicken to engage in an academic debate with someone who knows the Kirk and Madsen, Karl Ulrich's, Jan Clausen, Audre Lorde, Lillian Faderman secrets of the homosexual political movement! Bak, Bak, Bak.......Bak, Bak, Bak.....

My book will be done in June! Then you will be forced to defend the lies that have been propagated by the homosexualist movement.

P.S. That was a good line about the toaster, but we are pretty heavily funded.

P.S. 2, Homosexualists all seem afraid to debate me, so, I guess I will just have to
give another speech on the "Born Gay" Hoax the Dangers of Homosexual Behavior,
and Natural Law..........and no one will be there to defend your views...oh
well, I tried.


and one more response:

bak, bak, bak, too bad you know your wrong, and you are to afraid to debate!!!!!!!


So clearly, this person was searching for a fight. It's probably no coincidence that Ryan Sorba speaks before groups who are considered Hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center. MassResistance, who was doing PR for Sorba's "speech", was named a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2008.


schag said...

Amy and Brian are being exposed.

Their hate-group status is being circulated in Northampton, as well as their taping of the event. People are starting to question how they knew about the staged talk, (even though they are all the way out in Newton), and how they advertised it on their web-page (captured) before it was advertised at Smith College.

Folks out here in Northampton aren't that stupid. (well,we do have a couple of cretins hidden away)

Steering the good folks to your web page.

schag said...

Smith is being asked why they let a known hate-group organize and tape an event on their campus. These Smith girls can get really testy when someone says "In Your Face Smith Liberals", like Brian did in his announcement.

KeepRight said...

I have to ask this. What exactly are Ryan Sorba's credentials? Why would anyone take him seriously (other than the Contrada/Camenker dynamic duo) ? He recently graduated and is already an "authority" ? Based on his email exchanges with Bud, he's still quite a child..."bak bak bak" ?? Yeah, he's quite the eruite and articulate academic.

BlackTsunami said...

I just bet u hate to get answered back with "witty repartee.

if sorba is pushing that old religious right lie that the authors hunter and madsen oversaw a potential gay revolution with their book "the overhauling of straight america," then I doubt the so-called conservative revolution will amount to anything.

It will be the same discredited shit again.

massminuteman said...

There are many things wrong with the Sorba "manuscript" (I won't waste my time with the "talk"). But the purported refutation of biological orgins of homosexuality is grossly wrong and worth some comment.

True, Hamer's work didn't work out to what he thought it did. And the twin studies are indicative, strongly but not absolutely conclusive. But then Sorba skips over the birth order data entirely, and there isn't any thought given to different ethnic rates. And there certainly isn't any account given of very recent genetic linkage data (though those mostly just add plausibility, not a mechanism). Presumably the audience that buys the book (or at least the polemic) won't read it, and the audience that reads the book won't buy it.

Yes, I'm in biology. Without giving the thinking in the field away, all the data out there do fit a biological model well.

As for the Sorba book, the lengthy psychobabble section at the end leads me to wonder if the author might be a closet case. That would be totally novel, of course- our heros over at MassResistance are all perfectly straight people purely concerned with the public welfare, as we well know.

Fiddler said...


"your just too chicken"

"you know your wrong"

"you are to afraid"

Hope he has a good editor, if this is his usual writing style. I usually try to refrain from picking on people's grammar and spelling online, because it just makes me look like a jackass. However, when one is touting the imminent publication of one's book, one might do well to check one's fourth grade grammar texts for the you're/your and to/too/two distinctions, mightn't one?

Also, everyone knows it's spelled "bawk", not "bak".