Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hate Group Tries to Strike Again

How precious is this? I wrote yesterday about how MassResistance hadn't put anything up on any of their hate sites and then, surprise, surprise, they put up a new title late yesterday:
MassResistance files papers with MA Secretary of State to force statewide vote on Legislature's repeal of "1913 Law"

Pro-family activists to collect required 33,297 signatures by October deadline.

Watch for our FULL REPORT to be posted Sunday evening at 6:00 pm. And get involved!
Of course if you happened to see the site yesterday it was full of typos (someone must have alerted Camenker to his spotty spelling).

So, curious me, I wanted to see what exactly they were going to do. Hmm...gather over 33,000 signatures all by October, which still wouldn't stop out of state couples from marrying, so I went to the links they provided in their emails on the Massachusetts Constitution (funny, you can't get the links if you don't get their emails, I guess they're trying to hide all of this from the homosexual activists).

Now, I probably shouldn't really be saying this because I would love to bankrupt them by having them spent thousands of dollars, that would usually just go into Brian Camenker's pockets, on getting signatures for this absurd petition (how many people will sign when they find out that MassResistance is a hate group as defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center?).


and I'm no lawyer, the repeal of the 1913 law is not a law but a repeal of the law. This will probably be something that will get tied up in courts if it gets that far (do you think that MassResistance has even consulted any lawyers on this? I can't imagine since they would most likely have to pay them.)


It doesn't seem like Constitution applies because the legislature is removing a law they they enacted. The provision in the Constitution that MassResistance is looking at is supposed to protect the people from a law enacted by the legislature and provides a safety mechanism for the people to repeal the law that the legislature has enacted. In this instance the legislature of it's own accord has repealed a law it found offensive. Talk about irony.


Paul Jamieson said...

32k sigs is easy

So you have been made a fool of by Mass Resistance

This story is national and mot one mention of the "Southern Poverty Law Center"

I can feeeeel the hate welling up inside you

Months and months of more blogging and whining - all the while - for nothing

Nobody know you exist - But Brian is a national story!!

You might as well hang it up - you can't stop him and never will

Boston Bud said...


Brian was a national story when the group he founded was named a Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

This blog exposes the lies and distortions that MassResistance spews forth. Thanks for commenting.

likwidshoe said...

Are you part of a "hate group"? Sounds like it.