Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More on MassResistance's Petition to Uphold the Racist 1913 Law

Here's the scoop on their petition, with information they didn't reveal on their website:

What this Referendum means

Before doing this, we polled 600 activists about it. Approximately 100 responded. Of those, 94% said that we should do it, and they'd help collect signatures! There's a lot of excitement.

By my count, 600 activists is only 1.4% of the signatures required for their petition, but wait only 94 of them said MassResistance should do it ( many of these actually live in Massachusetts?) so that 94 makes up only 0.23% of the signatures they need. I guess to them less than 1% is excitement.

Then they list the 10 original signers:

Brian Camenker

Dale C. Gunn

Ebba J. Holland

Caroline M. Kneeland

Robert G. O'Brien

John O'Gorman

David Thomas Parker

Tonia S. Parker

Edward J. Sharib

Robert Montgomery Thomas

You can probably recognize 3 right off the the bat.

The remainder of the email begs for money: We REALLY need financial help! Invest in these efforts!

At the end is the money shot:

Other Mass. pro-family groups getting on board?

Right now, it's a mixed bag. The Catholic Action League (C.J. Doyle) immediately pledged their support. Strangely, the Massachusetts Family Institute and the Massachusetts Catholic Conference have both indicated that they will not get involved with this (though we have not had an "official" answer from them). We haven't yet contacted Massachusetts Citizens for Life or Operation Rescue, but we're confident they'll be involved.

Of course, we're not hopeful that the Massachusetts Republican Party will want to help, since the Republican House and Senate leaders both voted with the homosexual lobby - for the repeal!

Well, it looks like C.J. Doyle and his staff of 1 is on board, but the Catholic Church in Massachusetts is taking a pass. Oh, and Brian, strangely enough, we not surprised at all. Very few people want to collaborate with a nationally recognized hate group right here in Massachusetts. It sounds like no one wants to help you with this!

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bostonph said...

What, no signature or pseudo-legalese rant from John Haskins? The MR folks are slipping.

One question on C.J. Doyle: What's a 57 year old "confirmed bachelor" doing fighting for traditional marriage. Why does anyone care?