Monday, August 4, 2008

Conspiracy Theories All Around!

I got a huge laugh when I surfed over to MassResistance this morning and saw their latest rant:

Did Boston Globe reporter tip off gay lobby to MassResistance plans for
Referendum Petition to stop "1913 Law" repeal?

HA! More with the conspiracy theories. MassResistance, once again thinking they're more important than the air we breathe, actually believes that the Mass Legislature was afraid that MassResistance would try to repeal it. The same MassResistance that was named a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The same MassResistance that protested transgender mannequins. The Mass Legislature is not as smart as MassResistance. LOL!

I think it's time Brian Camenker got a real job, apparently Ms. Contrada, his partner in hate must have since she hasn't updated the MassResistance blog since June 18th. Yes Brian, you might actually have to go and make a living off of something other than the fear of homosexuals.

His whole post is somewhat pathetic AND sad:

MassResistance was in the State House on Tuesday as the House was debating and voting on the bill.

He sounds a lot like Suede from this season's Project Runway. Brian Camenker IS MassResistance, make no mistake about that, Brian is speaking of himself in the third person to make MassResistance appear bigger than it is. Brian is now even calling the editors at the Boston Globe to find if "so and so told so and so about this and that what did they say, did they tell?" It's grammar school all over again "Psst, give this note to the cute boy in the second row and tell him I think he's cute and want to be BFF!" Oh please!

This not the first time MassResistance has conjured up conspiracy theories about the goings on around the State. Whenever things don't go the way they want they accuse others of being sleazy and dishonest especially when it comes to reporters too, they never seem to get anything right:

  • Letter to the Editor from Brian Camenker about the Anti-gay forum he ran in Acton. (2nd letter)

  • Blaming Mitt Romney for their anti-gay radio show being cancelled.

  • Somehow links the Ex-Speaker of the Massachusetts House Tom Finneran, one of the lead posters at KnowthyNeighor and Boston Herald writer Margery Eagan.

  • They even accused me of conspiring with Acton Police, the Massachusetts Attorney General, the Goodridge plaintiffs, and the entire Massachusetts Bar Association to break into her home in order to leave messages in the dust on her dusty table.

Oh, there are more examples of their conspiracy theories, I just wanted to list a few of the ridiculous accusations from their past. These people are not stable. I would also like to repeat one of the comments made on this blog:

massminuteman said... I love his latest self important conspiracy allegation.

Trust me, Brian, people looked at the 90 day period for usual bills to go into effect and saw that it pointlessly made weddings during August and early September impossible. People wouldn't be able to use vacation time attending them and couples would lose the optimal late summer weather to boot. It was that- purely practical thinking- that went into the 'emergency' preamble. And it was mentioned as desirable to do more than a month ago.

One more thing, check out today's headline (I will post it later since blogger is having trouble with pictures):
What calendar are they working with? No wonder they're all screwed up.


massminuteman said...

I'm very flattered, BB. You're doing great work, glad to help a tiny bit!

likwidshoe said...

The SPLC is a hate group. Only the foolish use them as a reference for anything other than their own bigotry and hatred.

And no, that doesn't mean that the KKK isn't hateful. I've seen how you like to throw logic out of the window, so I had to sadly spell that one out.