Monday, August 25, 2008

MassResistance Stands Alone In Hatred

Well, MassResistance is upset. The hate group isn't getting the help it expected (from their email updates):

1. Two major Massachusetts pro-family groups announce they will NOT help gather signatures to challenge Legislature's repeal of "1913 Law" -- exporting "gay marriage" across America!

The news has shocked and upset the Massachusetts pro-family movement. As activists across Massachusetts get ready to fight back against the Legislature's outrageous repeal of the "1913 Law" -- and as people across America watch in anticipation - two major Massachusetts pro-family groups publicly announced that they won't help. Both groups had been major forces in the signature drive for the recent Marriage Amendment. But this time they're backing off.

Last week the Massachusetts Family Institute and Catholic Citizenship both published press releases stating that they "will not participate" in the referendum effort.

Uh, Brian, do you think they don't want to be associated with a noted Hate Group?

If that's not enough the delusional few over at MR actually compare themselves with Samuel Adams, George Washington, John Hancock and Martin Luther King:

Imagine if Samuel Adams, Hancock, Washington and the other patriots announced that they wanted to try a "positive" approach instead of fighting a war against Britain. Where would we be now? Suppose that Martin Luther King, who lived in Atlanta, refused to join the fight in Birmingham because it would "have a greater impact outside the state than at home". (Or maybe he might have done an "education" campaign instead of going in the streets and protesting!)

Psst.. Brian, those patriots, and believe me, you are not one, were fighting for equal rights, not trying to take away rights. You should equating yourself to people like Davis, George Wallace, David Duke and Fred Phelps since they are most like you.

The AG's office also just authorized the ballot question:

In her ruling, Coakley said the question's supporters, MassResistance, had met the necessary technical requirement for filing a ballot question. The group must now gather 33,000 signatures by the end of October to appear on the November 2010 ballot.

Coakley differentiated between her official duties and any personal feeling she may have on the issue.

"Our decision that this referendum meets the constitutional requirements as to subject matter does not mean that it has our support, but simply that the constitutional requirements are met for the proponents of the referendum to obtain further signatures," Coakley said in a statement.

Now it will be interesting if MassResistance gets the 40,000 signatures it says it needs to put this on the ballot in 2010. They are desperately looking for money to do this and surely not getting help from within the State. Who will actually sign this mean petition?


John Hosty-Grinnell said...

In the spirit of mockery shouldn't the words "pro-family" have quotes around it like they do with gay "marriage"? ;)

KeepRight said...

John: It would not be mockery...Camenker and his ilk are anything BUT pro-family. As Bud points out, all of their "activism" is aimed at denying equal rights for those they so vehemently hate. They act out of spite and vengence, not because they care about families. Camenker proves this point in one recent posting on his "website" which ends with "they (the Boston media) will be disappointed when we're done".

Know Thy Neighbor should post the names of all those who sign Camenker's little referendum petition. Isn't that public information?

And what has happened to Amy Contrada?!?!?! No updates to her "blog" since June!! What happened to her "MAJOR PROJECT" ??????? Well Contrada?? It's widely known that you scour this blog and comments, why don't you open your mouth?? Or did you finally take my advice and JUST SHUT UP!!!! ?? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Amy probably has her hands full dealing with a now legaly adult child who is a lesbian. Maybe now she is loving her child instead of creating a world of hate, and Brian wouldn't stand for that. I think they must have parted ways once Amy came to her senses like most good parents do once they come to terms with having GLBT children.

As far as KTN posting the names of the people who signed the petition, let me talk to Tom Lang and see if we can get that going. That would be the obvious route for our group.

Molly said...

I admit, I figured Amy wasn't posting right now because her kid, regardless of her sexuality, is probably going to college in the fall and Amy wants to spend time with her. I think, if I'm anywhere close to correct, that's far more "pro-family" than anything I've ever seen on the MR website or blog.

Hush now, let me bask in my misguided idealism for a moment.

KeepRight said...

Watch out world! Here comes Brian Camenker! The headline on his "website":


Camenker, you pock-marked, ugly, spiteful, hateful troglodyte...if you think that your feeble attempts at getting back at the "Homosexual movement" are going to make you a better person, you're sadly mistaken. You are not going to "win" anything...EVER.

If I see anyone trying to get people to sign that insipid petition, or anyone has the audacity to ask for my signature, I will take all copies from them and rip them to shreds.

para911 said...

Someone should picket their signature collection efforts...Hmmm I'd volunteer for that.

Molly said...

How would we find them? There's 10,555 square miles in Massachusetts, and like, three of them...they could be anywhere.

Now if Brian cared to publicize where exactly the collections will be taking place...

John Hosty-Grinnell said...
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John Hosty-Grinnell said...

I think all eyes should be on right now since they may organize a community watch program for this.

bostonph said...


KTN MASS is still talking about 2005 on the front page and the vote on 1913 in the blog.

We need something for our eyes to watch...

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Tom Lang and I are talking about whether or not we need to give Brian Camenker's effort enough credibility to bother posting the names of the petition signers.

I can see the vaue of posting, but on the other side, why should we give Brian the attention he is starved for so he can capitolize on it?