Friday, August 8, 2008

How's that McDonald's Boycott Working Out For Ya?

I was just at the gym watching CNBC news when what you should come on the screen? No, not news of Radical Right's boycott of McDonald's but news that McDonald's has hit an all time stock high! Then I found this when I got home for the CNBC website:

Despite a tough U.S. economy, McDonald's Corp. posted an 8 percent gain in July same-store sales on Friday as hungry consumers worldwide lined up for breakfast items and the classic Big Mac sandwich.

They go on to say that even in this tough economy McDonald's is still doing well. Oh, and no mention of the bigot's boycott.


Molly said...

I'm all in favor of not eating at McDonald's, but really, most people Do Not Care nearly as much about other folks' sex lives as the Religious Right would have us believe.

Hm...seems to be Random Capitalization Day here in Mollyland.

Steve in MD said...

I've actually eaten there more recently. And hopefully, McDs will give out golden arches little round bumper stickers for free. I've got plenty of room for them.

And hopefully they have learned a lesson, and will 10x or 100x their contributions to making America really mean "with liberty and justice for all", not just for the hating homophobes and those duped by their hate speech. As someone said, If Jesus came back today, he would change his name / title, to disassociate himself with right wing Christianity. Those right wingers are obviously taking lessons from the taliban.

likwidshoe said...

McDonald's is big because of the Obama and Democrat trainwreck of an economy.

Don't kid yourself, hater.