Monday, August 18, 2008

August Obviously IS a Slow News Month

It's August, the Olympics are going on and the presidential conventions are coming up. Even the newscasters on TV are taking vacations. Obviously, no one is in the news rooms, hence the "article" by MassResistance about their petition to repeal the repeal of a racist law.

Make note of where you read the article and contact that news organization. Tell them the truth about MassResistance. Tell them how obsessed they are with gay people. Explain to them how MassResistance was identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center along with Fred Phelps' "God Hates Fags" group.

Remind them of the their protest of transgender mannequins at Macy's. Point to Brian Camenker's appearance on the Daily Show where he claims that he could show how to connect the dots from gay marriage to air quality, homelessness and crime rates.

Tell them how they have a habit of videotaping, recording and photographing children without their knowledge (they even testified at public hearing to remove the wiretapping law in Massachusetts so they have record more people against their will).

Point to the conservatives who believe that MassResistance and Brian Camenker are wacky, off the wall kooks.

Tell them about their mission (which failed) to remove the 4 judges from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (It's why they were originally named Article 8 Alliance).

Talk to them about all the conspiracy theories that MassResistance has conjured up these past years and finally tell them about how the MassResistance group testifies at State hearings to "educate" the legislators about how gays weren't victims of the Nazi Holocaust.

The people need to know the truth, tell them.


bostonph said...

Somehow I completely missed this in their latest mailing:

First, MassResistance compiled a stunning 135-page research study (by MassResistance researcher Amy Contrada) showing exactly what this bill was all about and what it would do in all its gory details, which we posted on-line and presented to the Committee members. Then, hundreds and hundreds of you made that committee know that you aren't going to stand it. We hounded them relentlessly. The committee finally caved and put it in a study, knowing that if it ever got out we'd start up the engines again.

Brian is talking about the Transgender bill and gives Amy yet another title in the process. "Hundreds and hundreds" indeed.

bostonph said...

The presentation is [up on their site], BTW. It's a mashupof all their old trans-bashing posts. If you've seen their youth and gay pride rants, you've seen this.

Here's their conclusion:

This bill is about criminalizing free speech against bizarre behaviors. No public accommodation can post any notice of anything critical of this newly designated “civil right” of public “gender expression.” No facility will be able to deny a man who thinks he’s a woman from using the women’s restroom. Churches and individuals will lose their religious freedom to object to transgender behaviors. Business managers will lose the ability to choose personnel suited to their particular environment or clientele, no matter what it does to their bottom line. Sensitivity training at work will normalize cross-dressing and "transitioning" employees. Employers and insurers will have to cover sex change transition costs as a medical benefit. Religious hospitals will be forced to perform sex-change surgeries. The public schools will normalize this psychological disorder to our children in the public schools, and expose them to unimaginable stresses (as even our youngest children are forced to imagine the removal of body parts as a healthy and reasonable option).

The sane person's conclusion is Amy and Brian are bigots. Nothing more.

likwidshoe said...

The SPLC is a hate group.