Monday, August 18, 2008

I See You Shiver with Antici...pation

Ok, MassResistance updated it's website on Friday with just a headline:
MassResistance files papers with MA Secretary of State to force statewide vote on Legislature's repeal of "1913 Law"

Pro-family activists to collect required 33,297 signatures by October deadline.

Watch for our FULL REPORT to be posted Sunday evening at 6:00 pm. And get involved!
Sunday came and went and then we were treated to this:

Of course, Monday morning came and went too. It's now 4:30 PM, not morning and still nothing.

Who do you think are the "pro-family activists" that will be collecting the signatures?

Will the Mass Institute Against Gays finally collaborate with the nationally recognized Hate group know as MassResistance?
Stay tuned, all this and more, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel


KeepRight said...

It's tuesday morning at 8:30 am and still no update. Maybe Brian is proofreading Amy's BIG PROJECT , which as we now know is nothing more than a rundown on those trans folks.

It's not likely that the Mass Institute Against Gays will team up with mASSresistance since Brian pretty much burned bridges wtih Mineau when he "caved" by trying to be polite to the dreaded Homosexual Lobby.

Paul Jamieson said...

Mass Resistance is all over the web with their story

Where are you?

KeepRight said...

The "MassResistance" Website has not been updated to reflect anything other than their announcement of filing the papers. Care to give a link, Jamieson? Perhaps you'd like to meet and discuss the merits of their filing and how they're "all over the web" in person? I challenge you to a debate in person.

Boston Bud said...

Well, obviously, MassResistance read my post on Friday and put up some lame story about an "update" on Sunday that they still haven't delivered today on Tuesday. Great Planning MassResistance! Can't wait to see what you do with the signatures!

Paul Jamieson said...

No need for a debate

Just google "gay marriage" and you'll get the following......

Gay marriage opponents seek to reverse new law
Boston Herald, United States - Aug 15, 2008
Mitt Romney said the 1913 law prevented Massachusetts from becoming the "Las Vegas of same-sex marriage." Mass Resistance filed paperwork with the secretary ...
Anti Gay Marriage Activists Continue to Battle Against Same-sex ... Gay Wired

Gay marriage opponents seek to reverse new law KNDO/KNDU
Massachusetts anti-gay group seeks to undo marriage gains through ... Metro Weekly

all 273 news articles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

273 articles????? Thats huge dude - he made Drudge, Fox and CNN

I'm sure you could do the same.

Boston Bud said...

Hey Paul, I see you're about as savy on the internet as John McCain. Those 273 articles you speak of, they don't exist.

If you click on that 273, you get 23 news items, 23, not 273.

Paul Jamieson said...

wrong - its 273

even if it was 23 - its 23 more than you will ever have

and Drudge Fox and CNN?


Time to try something new to STOP Brian

how does it feel to be IRRELEVANT

para911 said...

Since when is this a contest? I'm sure the KKK makes the news all the time too. Idiot. Go post on the MR site....Oh yeah you CANT!

para911 said...

Oh wow.....just google "paul jamieson anti-gay" and you get pages and pages of stuff!!! I think he wins the contest!