Saturday, December 31, 2005

Giddy Up!

Hi all! I'm back from living my wild homosexual lifestyle which consisted of wrapping Christmas presents, singing in the choir on Christmas Eve and dining with my family and my new family (the in-laws) on Christmas Day. Yep, it was such a homosexual experience, I mean I'm sure no heterosexual ever had to decide which side of the family to dine with first (We homosexuals are such nuts!!!)

At the gym today I happened to be switching channels and caught a little bit of Fox News' coverage of Brokeback Mountain. Apparently this film is GAY PROPAGANDA, at least that's what the panelist said on Fox News. Gay Propaganda, yeah, that's what I would call it. It's a movie of such high homosexual values with such big Gay themes. The panelist was David Kupelian who wrote the book "The Marketing of Evil" and writes for the World I mean Net Daily.

It seems that the Religious Right was just going to let Brokeback Mountain slide by without comment, that is until it started getting critical acclaim. Now they can't just sit idly by and NOT mention it. They even equate it to marketing cigarettes! Even Ms. Massresistance had to jump into the pool to condemn the movie and again scream "Gay Propaganda". (and for some reason they again bring up Adult-child sex which is no where in the movie but these guys are obsessed!)

These people are scared, very scared because if the heartland sees that its' own are actually gay they might not be so quick to endorse discrimination against these folks. The New York Times had a great article on actual gay cowboys. My favorite line from the piece is:
Like Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist in the film, Clark dated women for a time, bowing to the pressure to be "normal" although, unlike them, he never married and never led a double life. There's a joke out here about how one goes about finding a gay man on the frontier. The punch line is deadpan: "Look for the wife and kids."
These people just don't want to hear that gay people exist but they do and more and more are coming out each day. Good for them. If these guys (in the movie) would have be able to live their life no one would have gotten hurt, they wouldn't have had wives or children who felt alienated which is the WND writer's biggest point, that we should have seen the movie through the wives' eyes. He obviously didn't get that when you live a lie everyone suffers.


Anonymous said...

We all know that Amy and Brain never let the facts get in the way of advancing their hate message.
In todays latest missive about Brokeback Mountain, Amy lets us know that the film's title refers to the practice of having sex without a condum.

I don't know where Amy good this tidbit of gay info but I believe the practice of unproteccted sex is called bare backing.

One would think that people like Amy and Brain who are sickly obsessed with the so called gay lifestyle would know the lingo.

Boston Bud, I hope you found time during the Christmas break to do something to push our Gay agenda.

Anonymous said...

I have to thank Brian, and Amy, and the Pawlicks for opening my eyes. I had believed that it was possible to be against gay marriage without being anti-gay. That John Kerry's position somehow made sense as anything besides pandering.

After several months of reading Massresistance, NassNews, Article8 update, and the bloggers on KnowtheyNeighbor, I now realize that the entire "gay marriage issue" is nothing more than an opporunity for our resident homophobes to get airtime.

At the core, they are bigots, but they've learned to clean themselves up and whine about the label. And they actually have the gall to complain that gay people being out and open is a violation of their rights!

Give them five minutes of talking about "defending marriage" and they go right back to ranting about how horrible gay people are.

As George Orwell said, "it's easy to hate in the abstract." Brokeback's true power is it reminds the world gay people are human. My New Year's resolution is to stop reading Amy, Brian, and the Pawlicks and get out and be counted. The more people know openly gay people, the more obvious Amy and Brian's lies will be.

Steven Keirstead said...

Article 8 and the rest of the right wing-nuts would be amusing if their hypocritical rantings were not so poisonous to the vulnerable insecure members of the GLBT community and so harmful to the peace of society at large. They would have gays and lesbians hide in the closet and use the power of government to keep society from hearing that many gays are in happy, committed relationships. They want gay men like me and my boyfriend to renounce our love for each other and marry women to raise families (which would be destructive to us, being against our basic natures). Along comes a film that illustrates the terrible consequences of closeted gay men marrying women, and the right wing condemns it as mere propaganda, instead of getting the point that this sort of tragedy happens all the time in the real world. Do they want lies and cheating from us instead of having us live our lives in open truth?

If they wanted to prevent such inevitable unhappiness as is portrayed in Brokeback Mountain, they should support gay marriage, because there will always be men who love men and women who love women. By supporting the rights of same sex couples to be equally recognized by the state, our society strengthens these relationships and keeps the tyranny of the closet at bay. For those who are religious Jews and Christians, gay marriage should be seen to lead to less sin, not more. Is it not better to marry than to burn? Is it not better in their eyes to keep the Commandments “Thou shall not lie,” and “Thou shall not commit adultery?” Even if they cling to the idea that homosexual behavior is a sin, which I don’t, it clearly is a minor sin unlike the lies and adultery that the closet case marriage would lead most homosexuals to commit.

Unfortunately there are always going to be a vocal minority of radical theocrats that is to stupid or dogmatic to see their own hypocrisy, even wit the help of eloquent art or logical argument. We just need to be vigilant and try to bring light to the enlightenable. We need to demand that the larger society acts rationally and respects the inalienable rights of gays, lesians, bisexuals and transgendered persons. If a few bigots are unhappy, that is a price the Commonwealth can live with. The homophobes can find solace in their own sanctimony.

Anonymous said...

Steven is right. As enjoyable as MassresistanceWatch blog is, it gives far more credibility to Amy Contrada than she deserves. Trying to respond to her is a waste of logic and words.

She's a sick, sad woman who needs to be told "You have no power here! Begone with you!"

Our time is better spent providing an example to the world other than the twisted, hate filled, sex obsessed one she provides. It should be easy.

Anonymous said...

Gay Cowboys are boring.

I want to see Lesbian Ninjas!

Anonymous said...

Priest Accused Of Groping Boy During 'King Kong'

Priest Accused Of Groping Boy During 'King Kong'

POSTED: 7:17 am EST December 20, 2005
UPDATED: 7:29 am EST December 20, 2005

A Roman Catholic priest in Marble Falls., Texas was arrested after being accused of groping a 16-year-old boy at a movie theatre showing "King Kong."

Father Paul Clogan, 74, (pictured) was charged with indecency with a child by sexual contact.

Police said Clogan sat next to the teen in the theater, even though other seats were available.

The boy, who said he does not know the priest, told investigators that Clogan groped him about an hour after the movie started.


Ryan Charisma said...

Oh Amy,

We discussed this already. You are so far behind the times, I bet you recently just found out the world isn't flat.

And for the record, are you telling me King Kong makes men pedophiles or is it the Priesthood? Either way, pedophile is a whole different world away from being gay. Apples & Oranges you're comparing. You poor ignorant, scared child.