Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Brian and Amy were trashing the Religious Coalition for Marriage this past weekend on their radio show. In addition to questioning their religious integrity they were also complaining because the group "had the nerve" to criticize the Catholic Bishops of Massachusetts.

So I did a bit of searching in the archives and found a post Massresistance had written over a year ago criticizing the religious groups in Lexington Mass:
Shame on Lexington Clergy: Accusing Concerned Citizens of "Hatred" was just last year when THEY had no problem disparaging religious groups but I guess it's always "Do as I say not as I do" with them.


Point of Order said...

Just to clarify, Brian and Amy were defending the four new Catholic Bishops. Not Cardinal Law who had to resign in disgrace and is hiding in Rome; or Bishop Dupre of Springfield, who, was indicted for child rape. By the way, I just read the eloquent letter written by those fine Catholic Bishops insisting that they're amendment isn't extreme, bigoted, or religiously sectarian. You know, if you have to say explicitly that something's not extreme, bigoted, or religiously sectarian, then it probably is.

Anonymous said...

"Point of order" are you sure about that? CJ Doyle and the Catholic Action League are staunch defenders of Cardinal Law. Remember they believe there was no child abuse scandal, just gay priests having sex with adults.

More to the point, Carol McKinley, CALM member and co-founder of of Faithful Voice with Mr. Doyle is a frequent and vocal critic of Cardinal O'Malley.

Just search for "Cardinal" here:

Anonymous said...

Since I cannot reply to comments "Amy from Article 8" makes on her blogg, I will do it here because I know she reads this. A person who commented in one of the anti MassResistance blogs made an excellent point. Contrada is ruminating about how unhealthy "sodomy" is in her blog today. Well sodomy is defined as both oral and anal sex. If you take her numbers for the number of homosexuals in this country at 2% that would make 6 million gay sodomites. Last data I saw on heterosexuals said that 20 to 30% of heterosexuals practiced anal sex and over 50% practiced oral sex regularly. Even taking the lower number it says that there are at least 60 million heterosexuals out there practicing anal sex. Why is Contrada going after the 6 million and not the 60 million. I was reading an article the other day about a college professor who did a study on the sexual mores of Americans by looking at porn sites. He felt that porn sites reflected a good cross section of peoples preferences. He found that 92% of the straight web sites had content devoted to oral sex and that close to 58% had anal content. These were not gay web sites. So back again to Contrada. Why pick on the gays. Does she have an answer or not. Could it really be bigotry?

Anonymous said...

Do they archive the radio show online anywhere?

I'd like to give it a listen!