Sunday, July 2, 2006

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No, It's Another Boring Installment of Massresistance: The Radio Show

Saturday just wouldn't be Saturday without Massresistance: The Radio Show featuring the monotone vocal stylings of Brian Camenker and Amy (still no last name given) spewing their anti-gay rhetoric. We could honestly guess who their guests were before they even announced it on air, can you guess? If you guessed C.J. Doyle (to the right who seemingly seems to be the only guest on every week) and Tristan Emmanuel (leader of an anti-gay group in Canada still rallying against same sex marriage even though almost 2/3rd of the country is ok with it) you'd be right. Some of the gems in today's show:

  • They started off their show asking for cash, well, Amy was the one who was panhandling (and rebuked Brian was not talking about it first);
  • Amy being particularly angry and denouncing "Sodomy Marriage" and linking it to promoting AIDS;
  • Brian linking the Religious Coalition for Marriage to MassEquality. I guess that's like linking Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps' Westboro Baptist church to Article 8/Massresistance/Parent's Rights Coalition/Interfaith Coalition of Massachusetts. It's funny that the first incarnation of Brian's anti-gay groups was called the Interfaith Coalition of Massachusetts and now he's demonizing other religious groups even going so far as to question their religious integrity;
  • C.J. Doyle complaining about a number of inane things including a sign which said "Sell the Vatican, Feed the Poor" (That's right, let the poor starve!)
  • and Tristan Emmanuel. I can't honestly say I even recall what he talked about because as boring as the show was at this point, "shoving spikes through my eyes" would have been less painful and draining. I think he talked about some social threats coming our way, you know, equal rights for everyone, something like that. Well whatever it was, Brian and Amy thinks its BAD BAD BAD.

Ok kiddies, for future reference, you know, if you're planning your summer outings on these Massresistance radio shows let me give you the lineup of future shows: next week, David Parker; the week after that C.J. Doyle and David Parker; the following week David Parker and C.J. Doyle; etc... I think you get the picture.

The $64,000 Question: When is Kris Mineau of the Mass "Family" Institute going to appear?


bostonph said...

According to their Web site, the Catholic Action Leeague is a Knights of Columbus spin-off "established to combat anti-Catholic bigotry and to protect the religious freedom rights of the Catholic community in Massachusetts."


So why does CJ seem to spend all his time attacking Catholic politicians, Catholic Cahrities, gays, and voice of the Faithfull? And why was Billy Bulger on their board?

I think this article and quote say it all. CJ has decided he's one of the few "authentic" Catholics in the state...

'We won't have any chance of defending Catholic values in society at large if these values are not first vindicated and preserved in the church's own institutions," Doyle said. ''A culture of dissent in the church itself is more dangerous to Catholicism than open opposition to Catholic values in secular society."

Chris Mason said...

I listened to the first 5 minutes of the show today. Brian and Amy just make me laugh. I love how they pretend like it is a real radio show. I wonder if they actually think people are listening!! HA!

Anonymous said...

Isn't C.J. Doyle the guy who claims there was no clergy child abuse scandal, just gay priests having sex with adults? And isn't he the guy who wanted QueerToday members arrested for hate crimes? And the guy who claims that gay adoption is child abuse?

No wonder they have him on all the time. He's just as obsessed with homsexuality as they are.

I'll never understand how an organization which is supposed to be about fighting "anti-Catholic bigotry" spends most of its time attacking gay people. Nor do I understand why both CALM and MassResistance actively endorse George Bush, a non-Catholic who's personally reponsible for hundreds of executions. Maybe their agenda isn't what they say it is?

Bud , if you're looking for example letters, don't forget this gem from John Haskins:

theAguy said...

Hi Guys,

Regarding fellow Brother Knight
C. Joseph Doyle, who learned his trade at the feet of a disgraced former State Representative Jimmy Craven, after CJ writes his daily letter to the editorial pages at the Globe and Herald, calling for the end to the discrimimantion that Roman Catholics have to indure each day in the Commonwealth, what does this 55+ year old confirmed batchelor, who still lives with his mother, do the rest of the day? Does he go for a walk in the Blue Hills or hang out at the L Street Bath House?

Does anyone who lives in Dedham see him around town?

And finally CJ, this fellow Knight implores you please come forward and do the right thing, Call the FBI and tell them where Whitey is hiding?

God Bless,