Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sad Songs Say So Much

Queer Today beat me to the punch and posted the lasted rant from Massresistance. You can read it here. It is such a sad, pathetic email. My favorite part is:

There are two very clear schools of thought among pro-family groups on how this terrible battle should be waged. One is that we need to be polite and non-confrontational, and appear as moderate, loving, etc. The other is that we must demand our rights as citizens, and not taking no for an answer, even if it means being rude once in a while. I think you know which camp MassResistance is in. But far too many people are in the other camp.

From here, there are only two directions for a group like MassResistance. We can spend the next few months building up the organization to a great level, raise lots of money, and confront Legislature, state government, and the gay lobby head-on. Or we can fold. There really is no in-between. Among other things, the gay lobby is raising enormous money and plans to use it to get even more seats in the Legislature this November. Should someone be there to counter them?

Right now, I'm sorry to say this but I don't have a lot of confidence that enough of the people who read this are committed to fighting back. I'm not sure what to do. Is it worth continuing? This past week was not particularly enjoyable, to say the least. Should we just concede all this and more to the homosexual movement? How many of you are personally willing to do things? We need to make some decisions quickly. If you have any thoughts on this, feel free to email me.

And here I thought they were "building up the organization to a great level", at least that's what they claim. Maybe they finally realized that they failed at trying to remove the judges. Then again if you read that fabricated press release about David Parker's son you know they can tell some tall tales. Honestly, I think that is what has did them in. Even the few people who have supported them finally realized how irrational they all are to drag a child into the middle of their mess. They have no shame.

On a positive note, they did use a new word: "homosexualize":
Maybe a lot of people just don't want to believe that these things that were just passed will homosexualize the schools in a way that you cannot imagine, and it will effect states beyond Massachusetts.
Are they saying we're going to make over the schools yard a la "Ground Breakers? If so, count me in, cinderblocks and asphalt are so 70's and those big school windows need curtains. COLOR! People, we need COLOR!

"Look honey, Bob and Dan just homosexualized their yard and doesn't it look nifty!"


Chris Mason said...

"Homosexualize" - I love it. Thank you for using my new favorite word in a sentence.

theAguy said...

Hi Guys,

I still contend that radical fridge groups like Mass Resistance/Parents Rights Coalition/Interfaith Coalition/ do us a great service by revieling the truth behind the motives of those who want to deny us our civil rights. Ami and Brain are the leaders of a group of sick, twisted people, who don't like anybody. We are just an easy target for them to spew their hatred.

MFI and Vote on Marriage aren't much better they only hide their distain for us by appearing to be civil.

Marcie said...

Oh, I'm sure we haven't heard the last of them yet. This is another money gathering scheme for them. Wasn't it during June when they were claiming victories left and right and saying "Do one thing a day"? I guess people took vacations.

Anonymous said...

It was a disgraceful scene. Even though we had personally visited the offices of all of them at least three times with the Little Black Book and other hideous horrors paid for with taxpayer money, many of the state reps we had counted on simply caved in.

Their use of the "Little Black Book" as a flag is interesting. No-one besdies them remembers it being out to kids and they waited a MONTH before putting out a pre-release. If I were a less kind person, I'd wonder if they obtained a copy, then brainstormed about ways to use it.

Kinda like Amy's utterly baseless claim tthat the BAGLY site links directly to a sex-change site.

Anonymous said...

Ooops -- make that "being given out to kids" and "press release"

Father Ted said...

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I rise once again to implore my brother in the K of C Grand Knight C. Joseph Doyle to please come forward and do the Christain thing by letting the authorities know where Whitey Bulger is hiding.

Peace be with you!

Father Ted

Scooter Shooter said...

Hello Sports Fans:

Here are some high or low lights from todays Mass Resistance radio infomercial. Heard each Saturday at 9:00am and Sunday's at 7:00pm
on the obscure "all wing nut all the time" WTTT AM 1150.

1. Guess who was Brain's 1st and only guest on todays show.

Was it:

1. Dr James Dobson
2. Ralph Reed
3. Rev. Kris Mineau
4. C. Joseph Doyle
5 Mrs. Brain Camenker

If you guessed C. Joseph Doyle you win a years free membership to the RCC.

For some reason, C. Joseph found the time to telephone into the Quincy/Marina Bay studio's where Brain and Ami tape their paid program.

C.J. had his one man propaganda machine running on all 8 cylinders, as he compared the group of leading business leaders who signed on to support marriage equality this week to "The Vault" a downtown business group that faded away in the early 80's after Shawmut Bank chairman John Laware stepped down as The head of the "Vault" and Chairman of the bank. C.J. claims the Vault was behind the defeat of Boston's most successful politico's James Michael Curley. Curley served as a Boston Alderman, Councilor, Mayor, Govenor and Congressman as well as prison inmate on two occasions. C. J. claims that it was anti Catholic businessmen who forced JMC out of the Mayor's office. However, most historians would say that JMC's time had come and he had just simply worn out his welcome. If I am not mistaken, and please correct me Mass Resistance fans, James Michael was defeated by another Irish Catholic politician one John Hynes.

Tomorrow, I will post some info on Ami's vacation. Can anyone guess where she went to beat the heat?

That is it from here!

Scooter Shooter

Anonymous said...

I think you've got his name wrong. It's "confirmed bachelor" C..J. Doyle. Gotta love having a 50+ year old who lives with his mother lecturing you on marriage and procreation.

Yes, John Hynes was Irish Catholic. He also became mayor while JMC was in JAIL.

Here's the Wikipedia entry. It's much kinder than the story my partner's father tells (also Irish Catholic, incidentally).

During his last mayoral term [JMC] was convicted for a second time on federal charges of official misconduct. He spent five months in jail during this term, but still retained a considerable degree of popularity with the working classes.

The city manager, John Hynes, ran the city during his incarcaration, and intentionally held many large items in limbo until Curley got released from prison so the mayor could handle them himself.

Upon release Curley told the manager he was grateful for what he had done, but then told the media that he had accomplished more in his first day back as mayor than the manager had over the previous several months.

Livid, Hynes felt betrayed, and this anger fueled Hynes' successful attempt for mayor in 1949.