Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Where's the Outrage?

Once again Massresistance is trying to dig up dirt on the Gay community by publishing photos of a Pride parade which was held in plain view on a rainy Saturday in Boston. Meanwhile, elsewhere, heterosexual men are behind their computers allegedly enticing young girls to meet them for sex:
In what was dubbed Operation Trenchcoat, local police, federal officials, and state investigators prowled cyberspace for predators during a two-month probe.
Where's Massresistance's post covering this trash? Where's the outrage from the religious right? One of the men arrested is married with four children, what kind of values is he teaching his kids yet his marriage is not being voted on?

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident, there are numerous "news magazine" shows on TV that set up these sting operations. The people they pull in is always married heterosexual men yet no one is calling their marriages illegal. You don't see the American Family Association devoting a big part of their home page to this either? If heterosexuals make up such a big part of the population don't you think this would a much more pressing issue?

But no, they are more concerned with two adult men or women who love each other and want to take care of each other for life, that is disgusting to them. So disgusting that they have to spend millions to try and prevent it. We have to spend millions not only to defend ourselves but to protect ourselves, how disgusting.


Anonymous said...

The police sting story gets even better! The plymouth selectman who got busted is now claiming he was protecting the 2 minor girls he was trying to seduce! He must have gone to the Amy Contrada School of PR :)


Mass Marrier said...

...and we can look at the New York decision denying same-sex marriage. The "common-sense" presumption was that having one dad and one mom was almost invariably best for the children. Right-o.

Anonymous said...

Of course they need to constantly talk about the gay community. They are incapable of speaking out against all the wrong that you read about every day concering heterosexuals. This guy in Plymouth is not only the father of four, but a selectman! Look at the most recent MassResistance posting about the "Breeder"article in BayWindows. Where's the hate? Well AC and BC have the monopoly on hate! That's all they know! Also how much time do they spend reading BayWindows?

CrackerLilo said...

It pisses me off and breaks my heart.

It makes me wonder just how much the right-wingnuts care about children, and what their true motivations are.

I'd feel bad about saying that, except look what they say about us with so much less to work with.