Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Massresistance's Responses

Happy Fourth Everyone!

Since people posted in the comments sections that they were receiving rude and obnoxious email responses from Massresistance/Article 8, I posted a request for copies of their email responses. Below are just a few of the responses people received from a paranoid group that touts its moral character:

I wish I could give you the email from MassResistance but I belong to AOL and the emails are automatically gone after 30 days. All I have is the address which was MassResistance@hotmail.com.

I had wrote them about an article I had read on their web site that I knew was false and I made a point of stating that I was not gay but I supported gay rights. I asked them why they were going after the 1 to 5% of the population who are gay who practice anal sex (sodomy) and ignore the 30 to 40 % of heterosexuals who practice it. They came back with an email saying that I didn't have the "guts" to state my real name. This I thought was very strange because I had written what I thought was a thoughtful email stating my feelings. I went back to them with my name and their answer was a two word email:

"Fudge Packer!!".

Strange people. I have a cousin in Hudson, NH who forwarded their web site to me. He is also a heterosexual who absolutely hates Camenker and the woman. He is a mild mannered guy but has told me he has never in his life seen such hateful and dishonest people.

And here's another:

Attached Message
From: Mass Resistance massresistance@hotmail.com
To: ######

Subject: RE: THANK YOU!!!
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 08:48:13 -0400

So - - do you plan to marry a German Shepherd? Or a Dalmation? Or a chicken?

From: #########

To: massresistance@hotmail.com

Subject: THANK YOU!!!

Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 14:19:10 -0700 (PDT)

Thank you so much! Because of your complete ignorance and misunderstanding of the law I can marry when I am ready! Thank you and Brian both! You are not only amusing....you are one of the reasons I can marry! SO ironic!!!

"Isaacson said that by forcing a vote on a marriage amendment filed last year by state Reps. Emile Goguen (D-Fitchburg) and Phil Travis (D-Rehoboth), she is confident they can defeat Vote On Marriage’s amendment. Goguen and Travis’s amendment was originally filed at the request of the anti-gay group Article 8 Alliance. Because it was filed by lawmakers, rather than through an initiative petition like the VoteOnMarriage.org amendment, it requires a full majority of the legislature to pass; by contrast, the VoteOnMarriage.org amendment only needs 50 votes."

“Miss Contrada has very generously provided proponents of fairness with a wonderful strategy which, while the first time I have heard of it, I would consider entertaining if it means keeping that discriminatory amendment off the ballot,” said Barrios. “Thank you for being so Christian in helping me keep discrimination out of our state.”


Anonymous said...

Hate Resistance has some more photos of the voyeur Amy on that site.

theAguy said...

Good Morning Everyone,

I found it odd that after the major B&E in Acton, why was Amy
( AKA, Amy The Office Girl/Ms. Massresistance) Ms. Contandra so interested in sitting down for a de-caf with the perps who violalted her space and broke. Now for those of you have just jo into her pad us. Amy claims that several radical gay rights type's broke into her house, did
"something" to her cat, puff, wrote a strange message in the 1 and a half inch of dust that had collected on Amy's coffe table( I hear that the Parent company of Plege gave some money to a health organization that mentioned Aids in a brochure, since then Amy refuses to buy Endust or Pledge hence the dirty build up on the coffe table)

Anyway, after beig directed to another great blog which has a pic of Amy, I now know that she sagedged the break in with the hope of meeting a boytoy who could give her some fashion tips. All the young Atricle 8 types just mentors just keeping telling her to start wearing Brown Shirts all day everyday,

But, I a Christain ( an an ordained minister) , and believe in helping the less fortunate, all I can say is, Amy, Loose the frosted perm, and the and cloths at Target are really not that much more expansive than the threads you picking up at the Dress Barn and Hit or Miss.

God Bless the World!

Reverand Al

The Aguy said...

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

Amy (AKA "Amy the office girl" and Ms. Mass Resistance) and Brain, no longer respond to my emails.

When I would ask a question or for clarification about something they said or "reported on, from information available on another web site, They would send me back these filty and nasty responses.

For example, I emailed them and asked why they never posted any pictures from what Brain called "The very successful MassResistance Banquet, I found it odd there were no picstsince Amy is a well known shutter bug.

The response from the group that claims it's main mission is to bring imporant soccial issues to the public square for debate, would regularly send me back reponses that took the tone of "we usually never read the emails from sick perverts like yourself".
Go to hell.

On another note, it may be time for the mysterious/wealthy Mass Resistance/Article8/Parents Rights Coalition/Interfaith Alliance supporter to come forward and issue another $50,000 challange, becuase Brain, who never used to bang his tin cup for money until just before his infomercial left the air, now has Amy begging for cash a minute after the "Paid Program" from the Bay State's most dangerious frindge group starts.

God Bless!

bostonph said...

I got this from John Haskins as part of a long rambling response to a post I made. It's pretty typical:

Your username, "bostonph", has me chuckling. Okay, I give up. You're a "card carrying member" of uh....The Boston Phoenix? Or just a regular user of the sexual services -- the hard-core advertising of which allows them to pretend to be a "newspaper?" I'm only wondering because of your odd view that homosexuality is to be promoted, not discouraged and shunned, though it is killing people left and right.

The rest is here:


Marcie said...

The Article 8 website (just recently changed to Massresistance) says that the gay commmunity is the one who makes personal attacks, yet in every one of their responses they personally attack the writer instead of backing up their biggotted arguments. I think it's because they have no arguments just hatred for gay people.

Anonymous said...

The CatholicsForRomney blog has been shutdown, apparently as a result of being spammed to death by the kind people at MassResistance and FaithfulVoice.

How sick do you have to be to find Romney too soft on abortion and gay-marriage?