Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Is Breeder Bad?

Ms. Massresistance got her panties in a bunch because someone somewhere called someone else a "breeder".

Listen up, all you heterosexuals. Did you know you're just "BREEDERS"?
I guess the reason she's so upset is because the "someone" is gay, the "somewhere" is Provincetown and the "someone else" signed the anti-gay marriage petition. Oh, the "someone else" also makes a living off the gays and lesbians in Provincetown (she owns the trolley that does tours and is usually parked in front of the Town Hall).

I'm actually surprised she is so upset that she had to interrupt her vacation for that lame post. After all, this is the same person who wrote:

That's because a heterosexual's natural sexuality usually produced children at some point.

And her definition of family:
But how are families with children created except through sex?(Leaving aside that non-hetero parents now have unethical doctors willing to artificially inseminate, no matter what the parent profile is ...)
Conservatives do have hearts. We feel for the letter-writer's family. We are struck by the woman's obvious normal desire to be a mother -- but also her self-delusion, her efforts to "normalize" the unnaturalness of her situation. And we are struck hard by the boy's situation. How sad to inflict this twisted reality on a child.
Oh, there's more, I just got tired of trudging through that trash for more examples.

Wouldn't you think someone who appears to be obsessed with sex (both homosexual and hetersexual) and who states that gay couples with children are unnatural and that a heterosexual's ability to have children is normal would be thrilled with a "breeder" label?

To answer the intial question in her post (...Did you know you're just "BREEDERS"?)

Yes, because you, Ms. Massresistance, have told us so time and time again.


Marcie said...

It's a shame how name-calling is the result of the harmful and negative environment that this anti-gay amendment has created. I am happy though that Provincetown is reacting by reiterating that its "no place for hate". Ms. Massresistance neglected to highlight that.

Mark D. Snyder said...

I am not justifying name calling but I think it is a shame that the globe felt the need to run a story about a couple of gay people, out of an ENTIRE town of them, who called one straight person a breeder. Rediculous! If there was a globe article for everytime I was called faggot on Tremont Street they'd have to start a new section.

Anonymous said...

I like how she roped the Jamacan people into this. Nice racial tie in, Amy. Way to two-fer.

Anonymous said...

That's the work of the nasty homophobic P-Town chief of police. He wants to bring assualt charges for calling a woman a BIGOT. Tragic.

CrackerLilo said...

You know, considering that Provincetown is having a town hall meeting about this, I'd say that the insults are being taken seriously. Where are the church meetings about not insulting others?

Ryan Charisma said...

"Those fags are calling me names!

When you stop calling me names and acting like a bigot, I'll stop calling you the names you've earned. I don't have to be nice and I have no intention on it. You sign the petition, you're a bigot. It's that simple. Live with the title you've chose for yourself. After all, you claim that sexuality is a choice...


Anonymous said...

Hey Charisma,

Here's a name for you:


Wear it proudly. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

People who sign the petition want to take away people's rights but they don't want people to know their biggoted. I hope people are protesting against that trolley company.

Ryan Charisma said...


That's Mr. Charisma to you.

You're silly lashing out with names doesn't affect me at all. I've been called worse by better people.

Now hurry along to your KKK meeting and be gone, before someone drops a house on you!