Monday, July 31, 2006

Two "Moral" Men

Two incidents this past weekend show what's really going on in American.

In the first incident, Mel Gibson, an "authentic" Catholic made the news in California. Gibson is the man who made "The Passion of the Christ". When questioned about the anti-Semitic nature of his film he said that "The Passion" was not anti-Semitic and "To be anti-Semitic is to be un-Christian, and I'm not." So what do you make of this when Mel was arrested for speeding and drunk driving this past weekend:

According to reports, Gibson said to his arresting officer, "F***ing Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." He then asked the deputy, "Are you a Jew?"
In addition to other remarks he made he now apologizes for making "despicable" comments to the arresting officer and blames it on his alcoholism problem.

In the other story, our anti-gay Governor Willard Romney also uses language unbecoming of an elected official. Once again leaving the Commonwealth of Massachusetts behind he headed for Iowa:
Gov. Mitt Romney has apologized for referring to the troubled Big Dig construction project as a "tar baby" during a fundraiser with Iowa Republicans, saying he didn't know anyone would be offended by the term some consider a racial epithet.
My question is "If he didn't know it was a racial epithet what, in Gov. Romney's world, IS a tar baby?" If he knows enough about the term to use it at a fundraiser for Iowa Republicans he must know how it came about.

"He was unaware that some people find the term objectionable and he's sorry if anyone's offended," Fehrnstrom said.

It reminds me of the time the first President Bush went to a grocery store and was amazed at the laser scanners used for checking out. Is the Governor so out of touch with people of color that he didn't know it was a derogatory term. Hard to believe. I also wonder how many people of color was in attendance at this Iowa fundraiser.


Tom Lang said...

I did a little survey of my own after I heard of the Romney "Tar Baby" comment. Every person who came into my shop, ages ranging from 15 to 65ish ALL new that "Tar Baby" is a derogatory term.

In Romney's defense, however, "Tar Baby" does also mean "a sticky situation to be avoided." And for future reference, Fehrnstrom, maybe you should get press clearance for the term, "niggerdly" which means "irresponsible" which was what Mitt's Tar Baby comment was.

Richard Nixon said...

The Governor's a smart man with a southern strategy. He knew exactly what he was saying which was: "Hey white Republican voter in South Carolina, I talk just like you."

Anonymous said...

I am by no means a "pro-family" advocate but I find it interesting that you are going after Mel Gibson (who deserves it) and Mitt Romney (who made a comment he believed to be innocent), but nowhere do you talk about the lead lobbyist for GLBT causes on Beacon Hill arrested for soliciting sex. Let's admit and agree that both sides of this fight have unsightly characters that don't represent their side well. But Romney and Mineau are upstanding folks on the "pro-family" side, while Marc Soloman is a good guy for the "marriage equality" side. Conversely, Amy and Brian are bad representatives of one side, while Tom Lang, Rep. Coakley-Rivera, and Bill Conley are awful reps of the other.

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney is far from innocent. And as for not going after someone who was arrested for "allegely" soliciting sex, we are not the ones claiming to be the be all and end all of morality. They are the ones who only portray gay people as the "bad apples". They are the ones who don't want to give us any civil rights because of who we love. When was the last time you saw something come out of Mass Family about the internet sting that netted adult males setting up hookups with underage girls?

Romney and Mineau are also far from upstanding unless you define "upstanding" as George Wallace was upstanding when he blocked schools from black children. These guys are dinosaurs who want to rid the world anyone who is not like them, gay and lesbian people are the first ones they're targeting. Taking aways civil rights is just the first step.

If you recall, Romney had no compassion for children of gay and lesbian parents. He would rather their families are left unprotected. In Mitt Romney's world you are only white and priviledged. The other types of people work and serve them.

Anonymous said...

Don't feed the trolls. Romney LIED about his position about gay marriage. Kris Mineau openly wants to turn MA into a Christian state, even if he has to lie to do it. They are not "upstanding folks' by any sense of the definition.

Nor are "Tom Lang, Rep. Coakley-Rivera, and Bill Conley" "awful."

Both Romney and Gibson said stupid, offensive things. Bill Conley may or may not have made a bad personal mistake. What Romney and Gibson said is a matter of public record.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Conley: That's right, hetero men are neeeeever caught buying sex. This just proves that like their 'normal' hetero brothers, some gay males are happy to pay for a good 'glorified handshake'. Anything here ring true, Brain? Hmmm? Finding common cause? Yeah, thought so.

theAguy said...

Happy August Everyone,

1. Mr. Conley was arrested and an arrest is public record. But he has not been proven guilty of anything. I know it is summer but doesn't the UMASS Campus PD have better things to do that troll Craig's list and set up "stings." Don't they have overdue library books to confiscate or something? This is a one day story everywhere except on the nut job web sites. I bet you a case of Krispy Creem's that if this case even get's before a court clerk it will be continued without a finding. Doesn't bother you how Ami tries to turn this into her sick twisted obseesion with pedophilia. I think this type of news is how Ami achieves sexual satisfaction. Don't you think she is just a little to pre-occupied with Mr. Conley's attire etc.
2.I was a registered Republican and a leader in the Log Cabin Club from it's inception, Williard M. Romney will do and say anything that will advance his quest to become the 1st Morman President. He coned me when he ran against Kennedy and he coned me again 3 years ago, but never gain. I am with Deval all the way in 2006.

There is no way those good old boys down in South Carolina are going to get behind a guy from Massachusetts where Gay's can marry and who practices a religion they consider a cult and non Christian.

3. To compare Tom Lang to Brain and Ami is so absurd it doesn't justify a response.

Tom Lang provides a valuable public service. 1. People who were tricked into signing the petition, could only find about it from Mr. Lang's site.

My brothers name is listed on the petition twice. I am now having thoughful discussions about why he should vote for Marriage Equality if it appears on the ballot.

4. Kris Mineau is just another example of an out of towner who moves to the Bay sate and tries to force his idea of morality on us.
I can only pray that he slips off in the middle of night like his predisseor, Ron Crews.

Keep Cool!

Marcie said...

Massresistance likes to change the tune when it's someone they don't like. David Parker was not found innocent of any charges yet that's what they claim. We shall see what happens with this western Mass case.

Last time I looked college students were above the legal age of consent also. If he had done what they claim he did in Nevada it would be legal but two same sex couples who want to marry there to get legal rights can't.