Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ms. Massresistance Targets the Youths at Youth Pride & BAGLY Prom

QueerToday has a report on Massresistance harassing and photographing the youths at last week's Youth Pride. They confirm things that I have already known for years:

After Youth Pride Amy [Contrada of Massresistance: The Radio show & blog A.K.A. Ms. Massresistance] headed over to the BAGLY Prom where she showed her true colors. When Trevor Wright, organizer for the Prom and blogger for QueerToday, yelled at her to move she became infuriated. During their interaction, Amy hastily asked Trevor if he knew what "cum vomit" was. She insisted she read about "cum vomit" on the GLSEN web site, and that we were brainwashing young people to be "crazed homosexuals."

Later she claimed that there was no real difference between a pedophile and a homosexual. She insisted sex and "depravity" were going on inside the BAGLY Prom, and demanded to be allowed inside. The obvious truth is there is an adult volunteer for every 10 youth in the Prom, and as the BAGLY web site indicates all sex, drugs, and violence are banned.

I'm sort of surprised that Amy knew the definition of "cum vomit" (this is the first time I've heard those terms used together) since she has a problem defining terms that most everyone knows.

My husband and I chaperoned at the BAGLY prom a couple of years ago and I can attest to the "depravity" that went on. It was TERRIBLE. The youth's were calling us "Mr." and I even had to tell one of the participants to to not stand on chair! They were OUT OF CONTROL! Geez, these gay kids are wild!

But seriously, the youth present the year we were there were very polite. They seemed to be having a good time and we were glad. Sadly for us, it made us feel old, we were on the dance floor area and had to wear ear plugs because of the music but we still enjoyed helping out with the event.


Molly said...

I...have no idea what "cum vomit" is. Nor do I want to. I can't think of anything that would make it acceptable to talk about in public. Ew.

Anonymous said...

I have been out and about for 26 years and have never heard the term.

As I have said before, Amy and Brian get some kind of sexual gratification from anything related to homosexuality.

When Brian has in Mass Resistance banquet each fall it is in an undisclosed locatio, I think it was at the Denny's in Bedford one year, and pictures from the gala never seem to pop up on his site.

As we speak they are preparing to publish pictures from Saturdays event. It has taken them so long becasue they have to come up with the most harmful and hurtful captions to put under the pic's of the students who they claim to care about.

I think we should all show up at their event next year and give them something to think about.

Finally, I was not at Saturday's pride but I do work in Gov't Center and on the way home I saw several happy healthy and normal looking kids leaving the Boston Common.

Anonymous said...

The word "deprevity" discribes Contrada and Camenker to a "T". They are disgusting lowlifes. I can only imagine what they do alone in the dark....