Monday, May 21, 2007

They Just Look Like Happy Kids to Me!

Ms. Massresistance is at it again. She gleefully attended the Youth Pride Event in Boston two weeks ago with digital and video cameras in hand taking pictures of the youth she supposedly cares so much about.

She has the nerve to post pictures of people and because of how they look label them "dangerous". Since she is the one who is always talking about definitions, I guess "dangerous" must be an adjective meaning wearing a dress and makeup because that is all I can tell from the person in the picture. She must also have X-ray vision too since she seems to able to tell the gender of anyone that crosses her path (she does have a very unhealthy fixation on telling the women from the men).

Maybe it's just me, but I think adults, carrying all sorts of cameras, taking pictures of children they don't know, attending an event they are against, would definitely be described as dangerous and also perverted. How do we know what they are doing with all the pictures they are taking?

Here's what they claim on their website:
Vulnerable schoolchildren from 'gay clubs" in schools across the state mingle with adults, many clearly disturbed. "A sex offender's candy store." Kids encouraged to act out their 'gayness'.
So where's their head? If these school children are "vulnerable", as they like to claim, why are they photographing them? Are the "disturbed adults" they write about themselves?
They also really have to get over the drag queen thing too. They are the ones who had some butt ugly man dress up like Massachusetts Supreme Court Justice Margaret Marshall and burn a copy of the Massachusetts Constitution. Could it be that this is all about them being jealous that our drag queens are prettier?


Anonymous said...

The youth are far from vulnerable. They look proud strong and resilient to me!

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh when Ami refers to her self as a "reporter" who is just covering the event.