Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who's Not Obsessed with Homosexuals?

MassResistance's latest post last Thursday was about the Massachusetts legislative races. See what some of their "in depth analysis" consists of:
  • "The homosexual lobby recruited"
  • Sen. Scott Brown is being challenged by a wacky lesbian activist,
  • showered with money by the homosexual lobby.
  • homosexual-related issues
  • The homo lobby

And they're still scratching their heads as to why the Southern Poverty Law Center named MassResistance a hate group:

Recently, the SPLC listed MassResistance as a "hate group" -- though we fail to meet their own definition of an organization "that [goes] beyond mere disagreement with homosexuality by subjecting gays and lesbians to campaigns of personal vilification.”

Well, after this Tuesday, the deadline for nomination papers for the Massachusetts legislature, it will be interesting to see which candidates support MassResistance's brand of hate and will come out and say that they support a nationally recognized hate group. In fact, I do believe it is an important question that all MassResistance's "good" candidates should be asked.

There's also been talk that MassResistance has been shopping a amendment to the budget to strip all State monies that goes to supporting gay or what they consider gay related issues but no legislator is biting. Ah, getting in bed with MassResistance is like the kiss of death.


Ian said...

You're right. Getting in bed with MassResistance IS the kiss of death.

In fact, Olly DeMacedo even had to pretend not to know who they were.


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Ambivorous said...

Of course, Amy in her typically mature, level-headed manner, responded by branding the SPLC as a hate group.

Soon she will be accusing the SPLC of breaking into her house to rearrange her furniture, albeit tastefully.

John Hosty said...

I think now is a good time to start reminding people who the 45 legislators were who voted in favor of an amendment to deny equality.

I wonder how Amy's daughter who is now a legal adult is doing?

KeepRight said...

Amy Contrada has resumed posting to her "blog" after a nearly 2 month hiatus. I for one have been eagerly awaiting the BIG MAJOR PROJECT that she has been working on all this time. However, her recent posts have been about college students college students. I personally think it was wrong of the Smith students to drown out Ryan Sorba to the point that he had to discontinue his "speech" (lets save that for another post, I mean come on, who is Ryan Sorba to be talking about anything, but I digress...), but this clearly is not some HUGE MAJOR PROJECT that took 2 months to complete.

So come on Amy Contrada, we know you read these posts, where is this big major project you've been working on? OH MAN!

bostonph said...

Amy has taken to use the term "homosexualist." The only place I've heard this before is in the "only gay in the village" sketch on "Little Britain." A quick Google confirmed LB as the terms source.

One of the two leaders of the nastiest anti-gay hate group in MA not only reads "Bay Windows" but apparently watches one of the gayest shows on TV. As BB says, who's not obsessed with homosexuals?

likwidshoe said...

The SPLC is a hate group. Only the foolish quote them with any authority.