Thursday, June 26, 2008

From Daily to Weekly Updates

Well, it took MassResistance a whole week to post another new "exclusive" about Boston Pride. This time, it was about the Dyke March that was held last Friday. They even have video! The video is obviously from the same people who did the Youth Pride Day video because it has the same lame pans and zooms and features Window Movie Maker graphics.

BTW, nothing in the video is scandalous or frightening. I would guess that if the camera was turned around the people taking the video then we would have gotten something scary!

Oh, MassResistance also sent out an email message to supporters with the same lame crap they posted on their website. But they did get lots of pictures. You gotta wonder how creepy these people are to attend these events just to take pictures of people they don't know and post them on their website. I wonder how many of the pictures they took didn't end up on the website and are only in the secret folders of those who lustfully yearn to stare at them.

Quotation Count for this MassResistance Rant: 7

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