Thursday, June 19, 2008

MassResistance Loses on the North and the South

Two HUGE defeats for allies of MassResistance:

An initiative campaign to repeal Maine’s gay rights law and put in place roadblocks to gay marriages and adoptions is being abandoned, leaders of the campaign said Thursday.

"We’re pulling the plug," said Michael Heath, executive director of the Christian Civic League of Maine. Heath said the evangelical group failed to attract voter, volunteer and financial support it needed to continue its campaign.

Puerto Rico's House of Representatives has denied a measure to toughen a ban on same-sex marriage.

Rep. Victor Garcia San Inocencio says Resolution 99 failed on Thursday to make it to the House floor for voting, effectively killing the proposal for this legislative term.

If you recall, Mike Heath of the CCL of Maine is a pal of Brian Camenker and this is another defeat for anti-gay activists in Maine. Heath got another anti-gay measure on the Maine ballot and it lost so apparently the thought he'd try again only this time it didn't even make it to the ballot. In a podcast with the CCL Brian blamed the loss of the marriage amendment in Mass on the MFI because it was weak and not strong enough (like what Heath wanted in Maine but couldn't even get the signatures for)

On the second bullet, MassResistance Dandy Mad Dad Parker went down to Puerto Rico to rally the troops against gay marriage. Unfortunately for them it didn't pass the legislature.


massminuteman said...

Might as well mention the legalization of marriage rights in Norway too.

Pennsylvania's legislature also rejected more DoMA laws and state constitutional amendment crud earlier.

And there's a state Supreme Court verdict on marriage due in Connecticut sometime in the next couple of months.

Tick tock tick tock...time's running down on the bigotry. I recommend Wyoming as a great place for Brian and Amy to move to. Casper and Fort Laramie do have Internet connections, so they can keep scamming elderly bigots out of their money and keep up with all the porn that so engrosses them. Plus there are plenty of muscular cowboys and oil workers for them to enjoy the company of.... ;-)

Fiddler said...

Ooh, their Dyke March report is up. With VIDEO! Following are my rambling thoughts as I watch and "learn".

*Well, I'm glad they get that the Dyke March involves "a cross-section of the people in schools, businesses, and government" (my quotes, not theirs, although there are quotes a-plenty), although they do seem to overlook that this is not a bad thing.

*Although they've proven again and again that they have no sense of humor, I am still surprised that they don't get the "Ten percent is not enough, recruit, recruit, recruit!" was a joke.

*I like how the video shows what my friends and I call "the gay Duck Boat" (i.e. South End Sara, the one with a rainbow), when that wasn't the Duck Boat that was in the march. The lavender one was.

*I'm three minutes into the video. I'm waiting to be shocked. Oh hey, they got a great shot of my friend and her guide dog. Wait, you mean people with disabilities have sexualities too? SHOCKING!

*Their scrolling captions of Faith's sign-reading rap are 1) unnecessary and 2) sometimes incorrectly transcribed.

*They make a deal out of Faith Soloway saying how cute the young ones are; by "young ones", she probably means anyone under 25, not 12-year-olds or anything creepy. Hells, a couple older butch-types called me a cute young thing, and I'm closer to 40 than 30.

*Hey, another shot of my friend and her guide dog. Sure, they're cute, but why so much focus on them?

*Nice closeup of some bicyclist's boobs there. C'mon, she was wearing a bikini top; you can see more skin on a beach any day. Although I'm suspecting a guy with a video camera taking videos of strangers on the beach might raise some eyebrows. And we're the perverted ones?

*Clearly I'm missing something, because what I see is hundreds of women and some allied men marching, with the only thing in common being that we're LBTQ/Allies and we all find it important to increase queer visibility. You may only see us massed one day a year, but MR's second sentence was right on the money, we're everywhere, going about our lives just like everyone else. Our sexuality is only an issue because other people make an issue of it.

*That said, the video, except for the parts that say MassResistance, could easily be put up on the Dyke March or other queer-friendly sites...the videographer did a great job representing the March, and the video itself is kinda lacking in the condemnation department.

*"NOTE: None of this was reported in any of the Boston area newspapers, TV networks, or radio stations - even though it was a very public event that blocked city streets for hours. Why?"

Well, it didn't block streets for "hours"; there was a rolling blockage, but the whole march part of the march took about an hour, if that. As for the lack of coverage, I don't know, maybe because the media doesn't really care all that much? Besides, wouldn't MR want LESS attention paid to the queers, not more?

In closing, MR's obsession with complete strangers' sex lives continues to be creepy.

Fiddler said...

P.S. That comment on the photo of the kid and how it's an example of the wrongness of "lesbian parenting"? Why do I suspect that their Pride parade/festival report won't include any pictures of kids with their mom and dad with snarky comments about "straight parenting"? And there were plenty of mom-dad-kids families there, but I suspect the camera lens was conveniently pointed elsewhere at the time.

And now I need to go subvert heterosexuality by going to my job and taking the car for inspection. Never a moment's rest, I tell ya.