Monday, June 9, 2008

Gay Pride Week Begins!

Things must be getting really tough over at MassResistance. The blog hasn't been updated since May 9th when they vilified one of the bloggers at QueerToday and their main website is only sporadically revised, sometimes with just new titles on old stories.

They must have been busy this past weekend because it appears they ventured into the city with camera in tow to snatch some photos of the Gay Pride Celebrations:

This year, Menino managed to insult sports fans as well as tourists by mixing it with the city's pride in the Boston Celtics, which reached the NBA finals a few days before.

The same day, tourist mecca Faneuil Hall Marketplace began its "gay pride" celebrations, as well as Macy's Department Store (see photos below). And as usual, tourists -- especially those with children -- were left confused and often upset.

Because we all know that SO many sports fans were insulted (and there are no gay sports fans are there?) and the tourists are streaming out of the city because of a rainbow flag, OHHHHHHH. Their coverage of the Pride festivities is hilarious with lots of "quotes" to go around:
  • annual flag-raising ceremony at Boston City Hall to kick off "Gay Pride Week."
  • This year's "ceremony"
  • Who would want to watch this, anyway? (apparently MassResistance's peepers!)
  • What an obnoxious time to stage a homosexual event!
  • straggling homosexual activists
  • homosexual "pride"
  • zooming in on Macy's "pride calendar" display.

They supposedly call out Macy's for putting up another display window however, I do not believe that Macy is heeding any call to take it down like MassResistance likes to take credit for in years past.

The newspapers must not be calling MassResitance anymore and that makes Brian and Amy sad.

Quote count for MassResistance's latest post: 9


Molly said...

*shakes head* OK, I was there. The people he calls "stragglers" were there the entire time, and I don't know when in the event he took that photo or if he just chose an angle that shows only a few people. I can assure you, the audience members clearly outnumbered the City Council AND the Pride Committee.

Besides, it was noon on a weekday. It may come as a surprise to Mr. C, but a lot of queer people have jobs that require their presence during the day. What does he do for a living, anyway, that he seems to have plenty of time to appear at all these events? (Me, I have one of them weird freelancing-type jobs, so I often do have the luxury of showing up randomly.)

And I didn't see anybody fleeing in horror. I did see quite a few people with Celtics gear cheering the flag.

massminuteman said...

Even more fun for Brian and Amy- Norway legalized SSM today.

It must be such a drag being on the wrong side of history. Then again, it can be pretty lucrative if you're willing to cater to and put up with bitter old codgers, as Willis Carto figured out.

KeepRight said...

Trying to contact you Bud, please email me. Thanks...KR

Boston Bud said...

Oops, somehow my email address was removed from my profile. Contact me at

Molly said...

Trans Pride was last weekend, right? And not even a "SHOCKING REPORT COMING, HIDE YOUR CHILDREN AND WOMEN IF YOU CAN TELL WHO THEY ARE" blurb?

Maybe they'll just post everything at once after the parade.

You know, their purported concern for the children would be so much more convincing if they had more coverage of adult know, the adults who are supposedly busy corrupting youth who would otherwise have been COMPLETELY STRAIGHT, because nobody who doesn't know any queer folks ever turns out queer themselves. .

As it is, their emphasis on covering BAGLY and other youth events is more than a little weird...not that I'm saying anything that hasn't already been said many times, of course.

Well, I'm heading out to somehow warp the minds of kiddos who have no concept of either sexuality or my personal life...I'm not sure how I'll do it, but I'm sure I'll find a way. TTFN!

Molly said...

Ah, apparently they read the comments too, since now there's a blurb up saying how their photos of trans people will "make you physically ill". Somehow, I doubt that.

I wonder if the guy in the "Take Back Vermont" hat taking photos of the Dyke March was our friend B.C.? He turned away when I tried to hand him a flier for a political candidate.

I mean, I've seen photos of them both, but I sometimes have trouble translating still images to real people, and it didn't seem polite to stare...