Sunday, June 29, 2008

Second Time's the Charm?

Wow, things are worse than I thought over at MassResistance. First off, it took them a week to post anything about Gay Pride in Boston and then when they did post something it was about Transgender Pride in Northampton (but they still called it Boston. Did they even learn geography?)

Then a week later they posted something about the Dyke March. Oh those nasty lesbians, they were shouting RECRUIT, RECRUIT and holding signs at a rally! Brian was right, those homosexual activists are recruiting!

So now, Sunday June 29, at the top of their website, they're posting the transgender pride story, AGAIN. It's the same story they posted two weeks ago only they link to the bottom of the page that lists the video.

WHERE IS THE NEW BONE CHILLING STUFF about the gays? Come on Brian, you're the head of the, ahem, Pro-Family Action Center for the State. Where's your report on California's Marriage Equality? Where's the report on the heterosexual girls in on the North Shore getting pregnant (will they take credit for that since it was done the Biblical way?) Where are the quotation marks?

The people want to know!

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Molly said...

And not a mention of the parade with the gays and the filth and the shock and the HEY LADY?

Wow, they are slipping.