Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is This Her BIG Project?

In MassResistance's never ending quest to vilify GLBT people, she is now going after the Massachusetts Governor's daughter:
How sad to read that Gov. Patrick's daughter not only thinks she's a lesbian, but is now working for Massachusetts' leading transgender radicals (pictured above). As an intern at MassEquality, Ms. Patrick would have been pressured big time to adopt their whole extremist agenda, including lobbying for the "Transgender Rights" Bill H1722.
However, what is more disturbing is the last paragraph in the post:
Since Ms. Patrick will be attending Smith College -- a hotbed of the wackiest transgender and lesbian activism, where the girls learn to hold really good riots -- the Gov had better prepare himself. His young daughter might just decide she's always been a boy and needs to have "gender reassignment" surgery (hysterectomy, breast removal, beard growth, and possibly the addition of a ...). We're sure the Gov would support her, since he loves her "no matter what."
They are strangely obsessed with gender reassignment surgery and can't talk about it enough (what did Freud say about cigars?).

Oh, and Amy, I doubt the Governor would pull his daughter out of school away from her friends and support network and publish personal details about her on the Internet and in emails. Yes, HE loves her no matter what, can you say the same?

I also wonder how Marilyn Humphries from Bay Windows feels about MassResistance stealing her copyrighted pictures and putting them up on their website?

Quotation count for this MassResistance Post: a whopping 12!


DJ EdgyB said...

I can't remember when exactly, but these nutters were on Janet Folger's radio show a few weeks back and they were going on and on about some doctor who does gender reassignment surgery in Boston (I think they mentioned something about a 20/20 episode about it). Now, I might be wrong, but I think Janet ended up cutting the MassR folks short at the end and having a different guest for the last 15 minutes (I don't remember what the MassR cats were saying, but I know it was real bizzar, even for that show).

massminuteman said...

Yeah, the Porn Police over at MR are sure spending a remarkable lot of time staring at pictures of naked bodies and are shocked, shocked! at what they see.

I'd love to find out whether Brian's computer has some pics of ripped young men in speedos or less. I'm willing to bet he does. And that he spends a lot of time staring at them and thinking how horrible it would be to meet one of these fellows in a bar, and touch him while the radio's blaring Journey's "Hard Habit to Break", and....