Friday, June 13, 2008

If Only We Could All Vote After the Polls Have Closed

MassResistance has a new post up about a judicial appointment made by the Governor and of course, in MassResistance fashion, they label the judge a radical lesbian activist because she specializes in gay family issues:

Maureen Monks, about to become the newest judge of the Middlesex Probate and Family Court, is a long-time radical lesbian activist attorney. She specializes in "gay" family issues. Last week, when her nomination hit some rocky waters getting through the Governor's Council, Governor Deval Patrick simply ignored their official vote and announced he will swear her in. Monks' nomination - and the governor's action -- was strongly supported by both the Boston Globe and Boston Herald on their editorial pages.

The rocky waters that they allude to was that the Governor's counsel voted 5-2 to approve her but then in comes Mary-Ellen Manning, after the vote, late (hmm, if you vote after the polls close is YOUR vote still calculated?) and after the meeting she signed the register voting no even though she wasn't even there for the vote. HOWEVER, another Council Member, AFTER the meeting had already adjourned, decided to switch her vote from yes to no, this was Marilyn Devaney.

If Marilyn Devaney's name sounds familiar, you may remember her for being accused of attacking a beauty shop worker with a curling iron because they wouldn't accept her check. And does anyone even know what the Governor's Counsel is supposed to do? The members rarely even have opponents in the elections. Apparently, the Governor's Counsel has a very tattered reputation.

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