Wednesday, June 18, 2008

They Can't Even Get Their Towns Correct!

You all know that the MassResistance folks aren't too bright, however, their latest post is just wrong. Take a look:

Now, using the Internets and Map Quest, you can see that Northampton is only 103 miles from Boston (that's where the Transgender Pride was held), but again, facts never get in the way of any post on MassResistance (Can you tell that the leaders there never went to Massachusetts public schools?)

Lately, they've been going after more transgender people instead of the GLB's but their hate mongering is still the same. The blog still hasn't been updated since May 9th. Do they think that going after trans people is going to get them off the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate group list? I don't think so.

Quotation Count for Part 1 of their post: 5

Quotation Count for Part 2 of their post: 2 (there wasn't much text on the page)

Quotation Count for Part 3 of their post: 6


Fiddler said...

Some of those quotes were grammatically appropriate, such as their mentioning the "Ride My Rainbow" underwear.

Some were odd, such as "parade" (what else do you call an organized bunch of people marching down the street with banners?) and "couple"(what else do you call two people in a romantic relationship? Uh, don't answer that).

KeepRight said...


Amy Contrada has returned! Her posting today is basically a re-hashing of Brian Camenker's post described in this blog entry. What happened to the BIG PROJECT she was supposedly working on all this time? Surely this BIG PROJECT was not the attack on Mark singing Hello Kitty. If you want to talk 'world class' Amy, try looking at your hairdo, clothes, social style, and life in general before you comment on others.

We all know how radically different Amy Contrada reacted to finding out that her daughter is in fact a lesbian, but she's got the audacity to project the sentiments she feels about Claudia onto Gov. Patrick's daughter, and I quote:

"How sad to read that Gov. Patrick's daughter not only thinks she's a lesbian, but is now working for Massachusetts' leading transgender radicals (pictured above)." (emphasis mine)

No Amy, the sad thing is that you've sequestered your own daughter (and who knows what kind of bizzare 'treatments' you're subjecting her to) who KNOWS she's a lesbian. And now you are trying to extend your feelings onto Patrick's daughter as well.

Amy needs to stop thinking she can read other people's mind and crawl back under the rock where she's been hiding the past 2 months.

Fiddler said...

I wonder how old one has to be before one knows one's sexuality in MR world. Have you ever seen someone say that an 18-year-old thinks s/he is straight?

(I mean, when I was 18, I thought I was straight and was wrong, but that's a different story.)

Fiddler said...

So I just brought myself to read Ms. C's post, and she's speculating on the likelihood that young Ms. Patrick might actually be trans. Never mind that being queer does not automatically lead to being trans and that nothing in the Patricks' interview suggested anything of the sort and that I don't even know where that slippery slope came from.

Her closing sentence made me sad though: "We're sure the Gov would support her, since he loves her "no matter what.""

What saddens me is that she can't seem to conceive of a parent who really does love his or her child "no matter what". Not every GLBT person gets rejected by their family. Although unfortunately, many still do (especially the T part of GLBT), many others are completely supported and loved by their parents, even if they're not going down quite the path their parents had envisioned for them.

The thing with the queer community, and I use both words advisedly, is that we're so accustomed to rejection from people who are supposed to love us unconditionally that we're very good at building our own families. So parents, condemning your GLBT kids isn't going to bring them back to you; they'll find a family of choice.

(N.B. My own parents were surprised when I came out, although everyone else I knew seemed to know before I did. For them it was more of a mental adjustment than a negative reaction, and they were never upset about it, and they love my spouse too.)