Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bette Davis Said it Best

On this occasion I would like to paraphrase Bette Davis:

You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good . . . Jesse Helms is dead. Good.

Jesse Helms will always be remembered for being a racist and a homophobe. Pam's House Blend covers his legacy here.


Paul Jamieson said...

Helms has objected most forcefully to those photographs that he and others regard as pornographic. The senator has a standard packet of four Mapplethorpe photos he shows to reporters questioning him about his stance on "obscene" art. These include "Man in Polyester Suit," depicting the polyester-clad torso of a black man, his uncircumcised penis dangling from his fly, and "Rosie," a two- or three-year-old child caught, shocked, on film -- her crotch exposed. Helms claims the latter is a clear example of child pornography. Both photographs are part of The Perfect Moment collection.

The Proprietor said...

Jesse Helms is DEAD, paul.

He won't be around to obsess about photographs taken by a gay artist anymore, nor to waste the taxpaying public's time and money obsessing about them.

(Gee, one has to wonder if those photos turned ol' Jesse on! Especially photos of black men! Heavens to Scarlett O'Hara! Mebbe ol' Jess liked him some "forbidden fruit" and had to make up an excuse for his habit of looking at said photos! But I digress....)

Anyway, Jesse Helms is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD. I think even the worms around his coffin will turn up their noses in disgust.

But you're still here, Paul, wasting our time as well as yours. That't OK--the more time you spend here the less time you'll have to harass and slander law-abiding gay citizens and try to divest them of their newly-affirmed rights, including the right to marry. Yep, life really must suck for you, Paul. BTW, how's the job search going?

massminuteman said...

They're still just photographs, Paul. No one needs to look at them.

Jesse Helms is still dead.
John Templeton died too.
The "Christian" Right is fading away. And leaving the world a better place in so doing. :)

Btw, the '1913 law' repeal will be voted on in the Legislature next week, probably on Tuesday. Buy the champagne & be at the State House as Massachusetts removes one more bit of institutionalized bigotry from the lawbooks! :)

Boston Bud said...

Paul Jamison loves to troll the
GLBT blogs.You'd think he'd start his own blog.