Monday, July 14, 2008

MassResistance Who?

That's essentially what Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick said at an open meeting in Hull. Yet, if you read MassResistance, they make it sound like the Gov. knows all about these anti gay activists:

The Governor beat around the bush a bit, but Kevin persisted. His Excellency finally said:
" . . . I don't know about MassResistance. If they have an attitude, then the chances are I'm not going to meet with them. But if they want to bring a view forward -- and people have and do -- then I'll meet with them. Sure."

Us? Have an attitude? MassResistance pleads: Guilty as charged.
Nevertheless, the next day we submitted a formal request to the Governor's staff
for a meeting. We're willing to be reasonable!

Actually, if you listen to what the Governor says, it sounds like he has never even heard of MassResistance. Go here to see the video.

I also wish I could be there when Governor Patrick finds out that MassResistance is named a Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. I know I already emailed the Governor's office.

BTW, MassResistance also makes it easier to email the Massachusetts Senate to tell them that MassResistance is a recognized hate group. You can get their email addresses here from MassResistance's website.


para911 said...

This kevin guy is a "piece of work"....I left a comment on his blog...but it needs to be approved by a "moderator"

I couldnt help but use some "quotes" :)

bostonph said...

"the people that have your ear are more the left wing, the radical homosexual groups, things of that nature" !!!!????

Given the "have you stopped beating your wife" nature of the question, I thought the governor responded amazingly well.

Kevin was MassResistance's candidate of choice in the 5th District race a few years back. He lost to Ogonwoski, who lost to Nikki Tsongas. I remember wondering how Ogo could possibly be insufficiently anti-gay for them.

Here's their answer:

“Ogonowski is pro-choice, although he supports parental notification and is against partial-birth abortion. He supports changing the military’s policy to allow homosexuals to serve openly without the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ rule. (This despite the fact that Ogonowski is a 28-year military veteran!) He supports the establishment of homosexual ‘civil unions’ — state-sanctioned look-alike “marriages” — although he opposes actual same-sex marriage. (The staffer told us that this is Ogonowski’s way of ‘compromising’.)”

For future reference "Constitution Party" is code for "so openly bigoted the Republicans don't want them." Here's Thompson's response to MassResistance's endorsement of his candidacy:

“MassResistance is the only pro-family group in the state to stand up for what is right,” Thompson said in a statement. “Their courageous stands and bold actions are an inspiration. It is truly an honor to receive their endorsement.”

Kevin was also on their radio show a bunch of times, most notably in a joint appearance with Pete LaBarbera of Americans for Hate or whatever his group is calling itself now. As you say, a piece of work.

bostonph said...

Pathetically, MR has now changed the headline to :

Massachusetts Governor berates MassResistance for having "an attitude."

Puh lease. I'm guessing they're counting on people not watching the video. Deval is nicer than nice throughout.

para911 said...

Kevin is upset that I associated MR with the KKK.

massminuteman said...

And the Massachusetts State Senate passes repeal of the '1913 law' by voice vote.

And so arrives yet another night on which Brian has to drown his sorrows in whiskey at a bar full of good looking young guys....

bostonph said...


Stop being intolerant of his intolerance.

I do love this bit:

This is my personal blog, you have no right to state your opinions. This blog is entitled “Here I Stand” not ‘Here You Stand.” You would have every right to start you own blog, rant and rave against me and not allow me to comment. However, with this in mind, remember that I have allowed your comment to go through, completely unedited. Even though you are appaled at the idea of someone like me running for office and apparently want to deny me the freedom to voice my views in this free country, I have allowed you to voice your views.

bostonph said...

Dang, wrong quote:

I proudly associate myself withh Brian Camenker and the fine folks at MassResistance. I have spoken with Brian many times and frequent the MassResistance website. I consider it an honor to be associated with them in any shape or form.

As far as the Southern Poverty Law Center in concerned, please consider the fact the website you linked to offers no proof of anything. I doubt their judgement to begin with as they have a clear political, leftist agenda. By the way, it is their right to have such an agenda. I have no problem with them expressing their views. However, I have the right to make up my own mind as well.

In other words: I'm not listening. LaLaLALALALA....