Thursday, July 3, 2008

MassResistance's a Year Early On This One

The anti-gay activists over at MassResistance have finally gotten around to posting their pictures of Boston Pride (yes, they finally got the geography right for a second):

But wait, what's this at the top of the page:

Geez, first they couldn't figure out that Northampton was different than Boston and now they don't even know the days of the week (Thursday is July 3rd and Friday is July 4th Brian). Doh!

Instead of tracking LGBT people I think the duo at MassResistance need to go back to school, only keep them away from the other students, they like to take too many photographs of them.

As for their report, well, there's really no need to head over there unless you want to see some pictures of happy people enjoying themselves and if you missed Pride you can get some sense of the parade although they seem to leave out all the religious and political groups that also were in the parade (which seems to make up the largest portion of the Boston Pride parades).

And no, contrary to popular belief, there were no sightings of MassResistance's Amy Contrada marching with the PFLAG group. She's still in denial.

Quotation count for MassResistance's latest Rant: 10

Note: They had this to say about a group in the Parade:

Then came . . . well . . . these men. Who knows - maybe they're high school teachers or State House staff members during the week. Very disturbed people.

And the men they were referring to...Yeah, they're ACTORS and they were performing that weekend at Club Cafe. The troupe's name is "Fresh Fruit". MassResistance once again proves that they're CLUELESS.

UPDATE: Someone over at MassResistance must have gotten the memo since they have now changed the title on their site to Friday, July 4. They must have finally looked at the calendar or read this blog.


bostonph said...

MR Caption of the Month:

The star of the "New England Leather Alliance" contingent was "Mr. Northeast Leather Sir." Sir is what you call someone when he's whipping you.

Anything you want to tell us, Brian?

Molly said...

Brian certainly does seem to know way more about S&M than a "normal" person should...certainly more than I do.

They had this to say about Diane Patrick's sartorial choice: "We don't want to know what "live united" on wife's gay pride t-shirt is all about."

Um...that's a United Way T-shirt and has absolutely nothing to do with Pride. Because Googling is hard.

It's a tame sort of report, consisting mostly of ad hominem attacks based on what complete strangers MIGHT BE THINKING. Yeah. What.

I really don't understand why they don't post the religious groups, community groups, businesses, and political candidates that march...wouldn't it be MORE SHOCKING that, say, both Senate candidates for Second Suffolk were marching than that there was a guy dressed like a woman? And they didn't even get the really outrageous costumes...they really do focus mostly on the folks who are showing a lot of skin, which makes me wonder.

I guess a bunch of Unitarians in T-shirts and shorts or a bunch of supporters of Dianne T-shirts and shorts...or a bunch of bank employees in...T-shirts...and shorts...just aren't as good copy as three or four shirtless bears. There really was a lot of focus on the bears. Hm.

Molly said...

Oh, and let the record show that I was correct in my prediction that they wouldn't post any photos of families with opposite-sex parents and criticize "straight parenting".