Thursday, July 10, 2008

MassResistance Tries to Summon Anti-Gay Forces AGAIN!

So this is how bad it's gotten for MassResistance. Instead of "daily news from the Pro-Family Action Center in Massachusetts", they post news once it's printed in BayWindows or the Boston Globe:

As the final few weeks of the session wind down, the Massachusetts legislature has decided to resurrect the controversial attempt to repeal the "1913 Law" - which the homosexual lobby has been crusading for and which is one of their "goals" for 2008. Rumors had been swirling around in the "gay" press about this. Today it was on the front page of the Boston Globe.

The bill would destabilize the Massachusetts marriage laws (see details below). Currently no out-of-state couple can get "married" in Massachusetts if that marriage would not be legal in their home state. This would overturn that law (passed by several states in 1913) and allow any homosexual couple in America to get "married" here - and cause havoc in their home states. (It would also cause Massachusetts to be a "gay marriage" capital of the world. If you think "gay pride week" was bad, imagine seeing it all year around.)

"It would also cause Massachusetts to be a "gay marriage" capital of the world" YEAH, because Massachusetts is SO MUCH more worldly than say the COUNTRY OF CANADA or SPAIN. I mean really, I love Massachusetts, but even I don't think Massachusetts is the center of the world. Uh, Brian, in case you haven't heard the news, California is marrying couples from anywhere in the country. (I should also point out that MassResistance is also stealing this quote from Mitt Romney who didn't want Massachusetts to become the Las Vegas for gay weddings.)

They even include an Action Alert and want their readers to harass the legislators even if they're not from Massachusetts. They tried the same thing with the Massachusetts budget and it didn't work then either, in fact, the Mass Senate gave money to at risk youth more funds than originally intended, so Thank You MassResistance, another success!

Today's MassResistance Quotation Count: A whopping 20!


massminuteman said...

I love MR's silly blustering. They "successfully lobbied" by giving "hard hitting testimony at the public hearing". Yeah, that, not waiting for the California verdict, was the reason the Judiciary Committee stalled...and pigs just sprouted wings and are doing Immelmans outside my window.

Apparently Brian also has no clue about why laws of the kind were called "Jack Johnson laws". Brian, Google is your friend.... (And Google Images is awesome if you're looking for more pictures of shirtless studs. Just sayin'.)

I'll be interested to see what happens to Brian and Amy when the repeal succeeds. I mean, what use is MR to the national Christian Right or anyone else after that? A small human speedbump to trans rights legislation? Personal photographers to Dave Parker as he storms the Supreme Court?

massmarrier said...

They somehow also seem to overlook the non-effect on those from states that do not forbid gay couples from marrying here. New Mexico and Rhode Island were the first two defined as such. To our touristy failure, not even our neighbor provided this predicted herd of GLBT folk marrying here.

Then there's that imminent proliferation of lawsuits from gay and lesbian couples fanning out like disease spores to other states.

Wolf? Did MR shout, "Wolf!"? How about MFI? Wolf...wolf...wolf. I guess they were just kidding.