Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How Sad

MassResistance is so disturbed they can't even tell what year it is (hmm...this seems to be happening quite a bit lately....)

I guess all the spinning around that Brian's doing it throwing him for a loop and today's neither Thursday OR July 28th.


KeepRight said...

Bud, that is nothing...his "post" on the house voting is riddled with grammatical errors and typos. I don't believe he knows what "proofreading" is.

Camenker also has the audacity to call lawmakers' speeches "stupid" and "dumb". Considering how poorly his posts are written, Brian needs to JUST SHUT UP

massminuteman said...

Brian sounds more than a little bit bitter and doomed than usual these latest screeds.

Him and Mineau are running out of reasons to exist. I mean, what's left after the Parker appeal to the USSC gets rejected? Pretty much just lowering the bar further and going all out against trans rights legislation. That might them get another six months or a year of donations from the Archie Bunker set.

Seriously, what to they do after New York and New Jersey legalize SSM? Retire to cabins in Montana?

KeepRight said...

I don't think Bud gets the MassResistance email alerts. The latest one is on the house vote to overturn the 1913 law, and concludes with Brian's plan "Can this be Stopped? Answer: if we're willing to do it!

He describes how the MA constitution allows for a "referendum petition". This procedure applies to laws that have 90 days before enactment and involves filing of a petition within 30 days and then collection and submission of signatures from the people equal to 2% of the total number of votes in the last gubernatorial election (calculates to approximately 45,000 signatures). However, LOSER Camenker is out of luck on this one. Not only could he never EVER muster up the support needed to file the petition and collect the signatures (it would basically be him and Amy scouring the state finding people willing to sign for them), THIS BILL BECOMES LAW EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

So my advice to Camenker and Contrada is to JUST SHUT UP! oh, yeah, and have a nice day! :)

KeepRight said...

OH MAN!!!!!

Someone needs to buy Mr. Camenker a calendar. You almost have to feel sorry for him *SIGH* He must write these posts very quickly without any proofreading or just re-reading. Yet AGAIN he's got the day/date wrong. According to his posting "today", it is Monday August 3.

Tsk, tsk,'d think something as important to him as the MassRESISTANCE webpage would get his undivided attention to detail, but have to wonder what IS on his mind these days. LOL!

Maybe they should heed my advice and JUST SHUT UP!!!! already. Give it a rest, will ya, MARY! :)

massminuteman said...

I love his latest selfimportant conspiracy allegation.

Trust me, Brian, people looked at the 90 day period for usual bills to go into effect and saw that it pointlessly made weddings during August and early September impossible. People wouldn't be able to use vacation time attending them and couples would lose the optimal late summer weather to boot. It was that- purely practical thinking- that went into the 'emergency' preamble. And it was mentioned as desirable to do more than a month ago.

So, Brian, sadly it has nothing whatsoever to do with you and everything to do with happy nuptials. Speaking of happy nuptials...what's a semi-rich ostensibly straight single guy like you doing to uphold the sanctity of marriage in your own life?