Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cowardly = Unanimous?

Well, is it any surprise that MassResistance is SHOCKED, SHOCKED I tell you, that the Senate voted to repeal the racist 1913 law:
Mass. Senate repeals “1913 Law” to allow out-of-state gays to “marry” in MA using voice vote. Members too cowardly to go on record.

Uh, Brian, the Mass Senate voted unanimously to repeal this racist law...that means EVERYONE voted to repeal it. Let me repeat that, EVERYONE VOTED TO REPEAL THE 1913 LAW. How much more on the record is there?

I'm betting the real reason they're so pissed is that Brian Camenker only got "a few seconds" of air time by the local media.

Quotation Count for this latest MassResistance Rant: Too many to count


bostonph said...

It's part of the wingnut spin on the vote. See, the leadership bullied them into it, so it was unanimous only because most of them were cowed into silence. I've even seen a claim that only the folks under homosexual control said anything at all.

Yes, it's jabberwocky. What did you expect?

massminuteman said...

I'm going to enjoy the MR whining when the state House passes the repeal. Could be tomorrow, could be Friday.