Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hold a Press Conference and the Press Doesn't Show up

That's what happened yesterday in Illinois. Porno Pete and his merry band of manly men held a press conference near a McDonald's to talk about their latest boycott (which will have no effect what so ever). Listen to his ranting:

So once again the major media are doing the work of the homosexual lobby. Many in the media have decided that the “gay” issue is settled, and the homosexual activists have won. (Remember when Big Media thought the abortion issue was pretty much over?) Yesterday’s non-coverage was appalling journalism, even by corrupt Chicago standards. Clearly, the boycott story is compelling — even from a pure business perspective: already, nearly 200,000 people have signed AFA’s boycott petition

Dammit, I MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY, I'VE BEEN TO TOO MANY LEATHER OUTINGS TO NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. He goes on to say that the people involved in the boycott are "good family people" not vegan (are they bad people now?) American hating leftists (Oh, only the right loves American as long as it's white, male dominated and Protestant) or some other fringe group (Petey, do you mean your group, the fringe right wackos who no news media wants to cover?) Denial, denial, denial.

But does this sound like anyone YOU know:

"I've never seen anything like that," Camenker exclaims. "Nobody, obviously, nobody wanted their name in front of this. Nobody was willing to get up and say anything," he continues. "You know, somebody could have at least called for a roll call vote. But it cowardly as anything I've ever seen. This was completely choreographed by the gay movement," Camenker concludes. He adds that calling the process "sleazy doesn't even do it justice."

Wow, we're king of the WORLD! Who knew?

Oh Brian, about my post yesterday, your quote "nobody wanted their name in front of this" that is incorrect. Nobody wanted their name associated with NOT repealing the racist 1913 law. Get your facts heterosexual, er, I mean, straight (I guess I have to shut off the anti-OneNewsNow filter)

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massmarrier said...

Ah, yes, we can all learn from Brian. The way to influence legislators is to demean then as cowards, toadies to this side or that. I'm sure the next time you call, write or try to visit, they'll be MUCH more receptive to your message.

Do that voodoo you do so well.