Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One More Strike and You're Out!

Well it's looks like MassResistance is batting 0-2 so far this week.

First off, they sent an email out to their followers to "read the riot act" to the Massachusetts State senators to stop them from removing bigotry from the law. They even got Porno Pete to put a blurb on his Americans for Hate website with a link to the State Senate's email addresses (funny, MassResistance doesn't provide a link on their website to this page even though it can be found elsewhere on the MassResistance site...) Of course, the State Senate voted to repeal the racist 1913 law, so much for MassResistance bombarding the State House.

Secondly, the Massachusetts House voted for a MassHealth Equality Bill:

Malia filed the MassHealth Equality Bill, H.B. 4107, to remedy the fact that because MassHealth relies on federal as well as state funding, same-sex married couples, whose marriages are not recognized at the federal level, are not treated as spouses under the program, which can pose serious financial hardships for couples should one partner require long-term nursing home care, among other issues. If signed into law by Gov. Deval Patrick, it would require MassHealth to recognize the marriages of same-sex couples and have the state pick up the cost of services for those couples that are denied by the federal government.

Now the repeal of the 1913 law has to go to the House (which it's expected to do this week) and the MassHealth bill has to go to the Senate (no word on when).

Ooh, MassResistance has those legislators shaking in their boots now!

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massminuteman said...

Where the h-ll is that "Full report with photos coming up within hours", Brian? It's been nine hours and all I find out at MR.org is that Teh Gaiiz Won! I mean, really: who can I blame for that???

Seriously, what I am getting for all that money disgruntled old bigots send you? Some prompt service would be nice. If nothing else, I feel I have a legitimate right to be entertained, after all. Who can I talk to about this dereliction?