Friday, June 30, 2006

More Irony From Article Hate/Massresistance

Ok, how many times are we going to hear Brian's blog tout some "disgusting homosexual propaganda that they don't want you to see" only to have them provide a link to a source on the web? (Umm...the web is still publicly accessible isn't it?) He does it again:

Governor's Gay/Lesbian Youth Commission "Outright" Pamphlet -- Now Hard to Find
And of course they provide a publicly accessable link to the Mass Department of Education website. I guess after their ridiculous mannequin debacle they're looking for their next "spectacle". Although it must be hard to get "scoops" when they've already removed all of the email addresses from their "blog" and the main Article Hate website. The only way to contact them is through their contact page.

Do you think they don't provide an email address because they don't want their mailboxes full of hate mail, you know, like the in-boxes of the people whose emails they provide?

I must commend the Lexington CARES co-chairs who refuse to be intimidated by them. As much as Article Hate and Brian's Blog tries to vilify them, they stand up tall and proud. In this week's Lexington Minuteman they publish a guest commentary:
First, we need to understand the effects of this allegation on our community and on the individuals affected. An anti-gay group publicized the now-discredited story to news organizations and right wing media outlets across the country. One of these outlets published the e-mail address and home phone number of the superintendent of the Lexington Public Schools. This has lead to many out-of-state hate e-mails and phone calls to his home, in what looks like an attempt to punish him for doing his job. This is unacceptable and deeply regrettable. We hope that all Lexington residents will find a way to express their support for our superintendent as he does his job admirably under very difficult circumstances.
So there you have it people, these cowards who publish other people's personal phone numbers and emails addresses would prefer you don't know who they are. Oh, and if someone on the web posts their information they cry harassment, ironic isn't it? But then again, cockroaches have always liked the cover of darkness, they scatter when the light comes on (or truth comes out.)


Boston Bud said...

And please, do not post anyone's personal or work's email or phone numbers because they will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

If I were a cockroach I would be really pissed at you.

aj said...

Did you check their post about some "expert" about the gay gene...too funny, he's some college republican frosh!! HA!

Mikey said...

Yeah, the "expert" was 22 at the time, and his gay gene hoax "lecture" was to a group of 50 2004! What an idiot!

Vic said...

I emailed MassResistance not too long ago to argue a point and get some information because they are so secretive. I explained that I was not a homosexual but was straight and supported homosexual rights. Who ever answered my email did it by calling me a "fudge packer". Evidently they feel everyone who doesn't agree with them is gay. As far as I am concerned these people are strange and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

As someone noted in an earlier thread, the "expert" is Ryan Sorba.

You may rememeber reading about him -- he maintains a watch list for "liberal" professors, tried to form a "Christians only" student group, and was booted from the College Republicans for staging Article8/Fred Phelps style homophobic protests of a gender class.

A quick Google shows he's been thoroughly discredited by both sides. He's in that rare class of people - along with Brian Camenker, Amy Contrada, and Fred Phelps - who are so repugnant no one wants to be associated with them.

Anonymous said...

They did the same thing to me when I sent them an email. The reply was just "Fudge Packer". No wonder they removed their email address.

Boston Bud said...

For those of you who received these emails from Massresistance, please forward them to me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody else noticed the recent uptick in MassResistance comparing gays to Nazis? There's a certain irony in people who want to remove gays from the public sector claiming their victims are the oppressors, but it's also frightening.

Here's a recent example from Amy Contrada (the same article Bud cites):

That they should all become junior "hate crimes" Gestapo agents and monitor their school environments.

So standing up against hate crimes makes you a Nazi thug. How does she sleep?

Anonymous said...

re: "So standing up against hate crimes makes you a Nazi thug. How does she sleep?"

during sunshine hours, in a dank crypt

Mister Goat said...

"Fudge Packer"? If you've got copies of them using high-school-level slurs like that, you should definitely pass it along.