Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Catholic Church Tries to Extort Government

In the UK that is. The Archbishop of Birmingham, Rev Vincent Nichols, warns the government:
Archbishop Nichols said that the proposed regulations, designed to ensure equal treatment for gays, could mean the end of the Church's co-operation with the Government in providing a range of welfare services.
It amazes me that the Catholic Church would still try to flex is flabby arm of power to put down gay and lesbian people. God knows that helping the poor is less important than those terrible gays proclaiming love and loyalty for life.

Ann Widdecombe, the former Conservative minister, said that the proposals spelled the "end of freedom of conscience in our country".

"They create a hierarchy of rights and whenever a homosexual right comes up against any other right the homosexual right prevails," she said, adding that the Government "seems to have no clue practising a religion means more than going to church".

That's right, it means standing up and proclaiming that certain people should be discriminated against and do not deserve that same rights as others!

What would Jesus do, help the poor and needy or stand up against gay people?

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Anonymous said...

Well, Benny the Rat says he wants a smaller church of loyal parishioners and clerics. This kind of callous stupidity helps ensure that. They remove themselves from their charitable operations and make themselves increasingly irrelevant.

This pattern played itself out -- to no R.C. benefit -- in places like Boston and San Francisco. Claiming they are forced out of adoptions or other services because they have to obey the same laws and regulations other providers do is absurd. What's worse though is that they won't pick up the slack on their own by setting up and funding these efforts.

Shame, as they are so fond of saying.