Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Governor Romney's Photo Op.

Well, look who's in town on Sunday:
In a move to publicly pressure lawmakers who have so far ignored him, Gov. Mitt Romney plans to appear at a Statehouse rally on Sunday to demand the Legislature vote on a proposed ballot question that would end gay marriage in Massachusetts.
It appears that every time Governor Willard makes an appearance in Massachusetts it has something to do with same sex marriage. God know he's not appearing to announce that more jobs are coming into the Commonwealth or that violence in the State is dramatically down. Who are you kidding, everyone knows that this will be a photo opportunity for the absentee Governor. Brings to mind Governor George Wallace blocking the school doors from African American children.

Of course he's now repeating the new mantra of the anti-gay marriage supporters:
"No matter how you may feel about the marriage issue, people have a right to participate in their own government."
Uh, Governor, you might have been out of town, but an election was held last week and your Lt. Governor, Sherry Healey lost. Deval Patrick, the man who said during at least one televised debate that the Mass SJC "got it right" when they ruled for marriage equality, trounced her. Do you remember? Were you around that day? I know you were around in the evening because I saw the presidental campaign speech you gave that night, I mean the introduction you gave to the Lt. Governor when she conceded. Remember?

Anyhow, I can't wait for the photo op, oops, I mean rally. I'm sure you'll get a lot of people, especially if you bus them in right from the churches and nursing homes.


Hopeful said...

A rally to vilify gay people led by the Governor --- gee, how many votes is that worth in the South Carolina primary?

Dear Fellow Citizens: On January 4th a new Governor will take office. Unlike the current occupant, our new Governor will not use you for political gain. He will protect the rights of gay people; and protect the rights of straight people. Unlike the current occupant, he will fight to save jobs, including yours. He'll respect the rights of a free people to practice their religion without interference from the State, which means that the Cardinal-Archbishop can refuse to marry gay people, while the Unitarians may. The new Governor will exhort us to work together rather than drive us a part; and he will spend his time in this Commonwealth rather than chasing votes outside of it and making fun of you as he does.

Oh Lord, just get me to January 4th.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure. BlueMassGroup (a lefty blog) is lobbying for a vote on gay marriage in order to their health care bill to come up. They claim not to be opposed to gay marriage; it's just that they consider health care to be more important.

David (BMG moderator) has even made a rhetorical argument that the amendment isn't all that bad since those of us who are already married will be allowed to stay married.

Gay people's participation is presumably to head directly to the back of the bus.

Richard W. Lewis, Sr. said...

My question, since we way outnumbered the bad guys in front of the State House on November 9th should we all show up again on Sunday to drown out Romney's dribble?